Monday, July 13, 2009

Wine Drinker?

When I lived in California, I learned to enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Now, that we are living in Nebraska, I discovered there are a number of local wineries in the area.
So Mike and I decided to go try them out.

Have made it to three and plan to visit more.

First, we visited.

James Arthur Vineyards located in Raymond near Lincoln, NE.

Then we hit Big Cottonwood Winery located near Tekama, NE.

and Silver Hills Vineyards and Winery also near Tekama, NE.

If in the neighborhood, you might want to stop by and visit a winery near you. They are interesting places and you get to meet some fascinating people.



Cheryl St.John said...

Have you seen Bottle Shock yet? True story of Napa Valley wines gaining respect in the seventies. Alan Rickman is wonderful.

About Me said...

Thanks Cheryl,

I'll have to check out the movie from the video store.


*lizzie starr said...

I love, love, love James Arthur! I especially like their apple mead and the Nebraska White. The Eidleweis is good too--even though I can't spell it ;)

Hmm, and the cherries they let us pick this year are excellent. Mr. J.A. was sad because not enough people came out to pick. We've already been offered apples to pick when those are ready!

Nebraska soil is grand for grapes and vineyards are popping up all over the place!

Mary said...

I haven't made it to any of the wineries yet, but I had a chance to sample local wines last year at the Balloon and Wine Festival in Elkhorn. That was a lot of fun. We came home with commemorative wine glasses, some wine, and lots of balloon pictures.

It looks like they're doing it again this year, if you're interested: