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Banished Series by Anita Philmar #EroticMystery #Shapeshifters #Syfy

a hot excerpt from - Banished Hero is

Banished Hero - 1


With no memory of her past, Faye Lynn Berton clings to a father who curses her ability to shape-shift, then uses her special skill to scam local villagers. The only freedom she knows comes as she soars through the sky in falcon form. A chance meeting with another changling turns her world upside down. Beyond satisfying the powerful sexual cravings that follow transformation, he reveals a surprising dimension of sex between their kind…one to unlock the secrets of her soul. 

Havyn Westmore has questions…Faye Lynn holds the answers. Determined to unravel her secrets, he must strives to gain her freedom and trust. Teaching her the finer techniques of transformation keeps her close while sex strengthens their bond. But on the trail of discovery, Havyn must confront his own past. Accused of a heinous crime, he was banned from his homeland. Now, he must choose between returning to face certain execution—or robbing Faye Lynn of her birthright and a life in Paradise. 

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Excerpt from- Banished Hero

The fragrance of sweet herbs and rich male skin teased Faye Lynn’s senses. She opened her eyes, amazed and confused for a moment as to her location.

In a bed?


But not like any bed—or room for that matter—she’d ever been in before. Both were huge. Her gaze followed the gray stone walls to a beast-sized fireplace that lit the whole area with a soft, misty glow.
A thick arm draped across her chest, preventing her from rising. She slipped her shoulder out from under the weight, and a large hand skimmed over her stomach to her thigh. Her gaze fell on the man sleeping beside her. His eyes were closed. Thick lashes brushed his high cheekbones.
Her hands itched to stroke the dark hair from his brow and trace the beard covering his jaw. She remembered the incredible sensation of his rough chin against her delicate skin. Heat flooded her face.
What compelled her to make love to such a man?
When she’d first seen him by the lake, he looked wild, capable of tearing her apart if she defied his orders. Now in sleep, he appeared to be a harmless giant with no intention of hurting anyone.
Her gaze feasted on his broad chest covered with an inky black fur. Of their own accord, her hands tugged on the blanket to reveal the line of hair running over his stomach. A horde of locks circled his groin and dotted the length of his thick thighs.
Faye Lynn noticed the pouch nestled between his legs. Round and full, like a bag of stones, they evoked fascinating ideas. She imagined herself as a man, the weight of the balls rocking against her legs when she walked or ran.
No wondered a man was easily excited. The built-in equipment could be aroused with the slightest movement.
She longed to play with his testicles, hold them in her hand and judge their weight.
Tempted, she surveyed his face. His eyes were still closed so she edged closer. Her hand slipped between his legs. A tentative finger poked his sack, rolling the small round ball inside against his thigh.
He sighed.
She jerked away, but his hand on her leg flew so quickly, he caught her wrist before she could react.
“What are you doing?” His dark gaze nailed her.
“Nothing, I, uh...” She glanced at the fireplace glowing with red embers, then from the tall oak door to the stone walls and finally the large window. The world through the glass appeared dark and empty. Her mind mirrored the scene outside, and she struggled for something to say. Heat radiated over her face.
“Faye Lynn.” He pulled her to his chest. “You’re blushing.”

“Uh.” A thought suddenly occurred to her. “What’s your name?”

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Banished Scoundrel - 2

Second book in the shapeshifter series


Known scoundrel Jack Avery must earn the queen's forgiveness by rescuing her missing daughter from the human world. His sources reveal the Princess Noelani is being held by a powerful man who likes a good game of chance. So with twenty borrowed pieces of gold Jack enters the high-stakes game. Only the lady he encounters is no princess. This pretty Kitty makes him want to hear her purr. 

Under a memory spell, Kitty recalls nothing before the governor bought her from her parents and offered her protection from those he claims would kill her kind. So what if, in order to control her, he forces Kitty to morph then deprives her of sexual release after transformation. But the crafty card player she is assigned to “entertain” reveals himself as a kindred spirit—a shape shifter—and unravels the lie she’s been forced to live. 

Together Jack and Kitty risk it all, for the stakes are high and the prize is worth it...freedom, forgiveness, love. 

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Banished Witch - 3

Last book in the shapeshifter series


Once a princess of Ardenia, Danella, left her homeland to warn her childhood sweetheart only to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Learning the dark magic from her keeper, she grew to accept her role as a witch to protect her family and track down the traitor to the crown. But when Omar Mandel, the love from her past, arrives to bring her home, she realizes she can never go home. That doesn't mean she can't use his assistance in her plan for revenge and, in the meantime, live out a few unfulfilled fantasies. 

The queen wants her daughter to come home and Omar’s job is to see that it happens. However, Danella isn’t the same sweet girl he remembers. In her place is a sexy woman who excites his lust and claims his heart. He must teach her to trust in his love and face the sins of the past if they are to have a future together. 

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Happy #Thanksgiving from @AuthorTinaGayle

Thanksgiving, are you tired yet?

Oh, please.....

The day starts early because I have to get the turkey in the oven.

That silly bird weighs over twenty pounds and is a royal pain to wash, stuff, and lift. It uses lots of muscles to get the damn thing inside the stove.

Oh, darn, I forgot to reset the racks so I have to set it down, get out the hot pads, and move the metal shelf down a few runes. Now, I faced that bad boy again and wrestle it into the oven. 

One chore down, off to the next item on the list - dressing. Why we call it dressing I will never know it has no ruffles or frills. Okay, bad joke.

Being from the South, I fix a cornbread dressing. This requires a number of steps. First, you have to make the cornbread. I handled that task yesterday so I cut up the onions and celery, add a stick of butter and sauté them.

Oh, yeah, I put some eggs and a whole chicken to boil, not together in separate pots. Eggs are for the dressing. Yes, they go in the dressing.

The chicken is used for the broth and for some of the chicken meat. I like meat in my dressing too.

As you can see the dressing is a completely separate dish, these are just the parts that make it happen.

Are you tired yet?

No? Good.

Now what else is on the menu?

Mash potatoes, yes, not everyone likes dressing so you have to have both mash potatoes and dressing, also gravy, rolls, pumpkin pie, green beans casserole with those crunchy onions on top,

Oh, yes, not everyone likes pumpkin pie so you need to make several different kinds of pies and chocolate lush. (Heaven on a plate.) 

What else? what else? Cranberry sauce - (Let me warn you never start making it from scratch or you'll need to make that to, though, I agree it taste better. Luckily, I did that yesterday.)

Now, let's see china, crystal, silverware, are they all clean and ready to go? I look at the items sitting on the breakfast table.

Damn, I forgot to iron the tablecloth.

Worn out yet just thinking about everything to do?


Great, so let's get the potatoes onto boil, start mixing up the bean casserole and down another cup of coffee.

The eggs are done, the onions and celery are ready.

Luckily, again, I planned ahead. Did I mention this will be my second full day in the kitchen, not counting the week I've spent preparing the house for guests.


Well, isn't all of the chores part of Thanksgiving?

Now, let's see where was I? Oh, yes, working on putting together the dressing. The crumbled up cornbread, chopped eggs, sage, sauté onions and celery go into a bowl.

The chicken is through boiling and needs to be deboned. Fun chore, which provides the meat for the dressing and broth. With the extra, I make chicken and dumpling. Oh, forgot that on my list of items I cook. Not hard, just add a can of mushroom soup and flour tortillas.

Once, the dressing is ready I sit it aside. It can't go into the oven until after the turkey is done. You see, I only have one oven so shuffling around the dishes that need to go in the oven is another balancing act that you need to consider when cooking thanksgiving dinner.

Are you tired yet?

Hope not, because we still have the green bean casserole to make. Luckily, I spend yesterday making the pies - pumpkin, pecan, apple, and the chocolate lush.

I believe I can take a small break from cooking and work on setting the table.

Darn, I hate ironing. Wonder if anyone would notice a wrinkled tablecloth?

"Yes, mother," I mumble because she tells me they will. Even though, my mother has been died for years, she still is with me in spirit and like all mothers is a noisy voice in my head. So I pull out the ironing board and get to work.

Once finished with that task, I move to stack of dishes sitting on my breakfast table. Having pulled my china and crystal out of the boxes in which they were stored yesterday, I silently thank myself for having washed and dried everything the day before so I'm ahead of the game.

Now, the fun part of setting the table and deciding who sits where, after twenty minutes the task is done and I can head back to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

Tired yet?

Yes, well, with the turkey hogging the oven and the other dishes waiting in the refrigerator for their turn, I glance down at my pjs.

Guess, it’s time to pull myself together.

I head back downstairs just as the buzzer goes off saying the turkey is done.

Now, the race begins.

Taking out the turkey, I put in the dressing.

I grab another cup of coffee and the doorbell rings.

Hellos and hugs, the joy of having a crowd of love one’s home is only dampened by the need to get the food on the table.

With everyone’s help, the day turns into a feast of laughter and shared memories. I can’t help but cherish these moments.

Then when all the bellies are full, other commitments draw my guests out the door.

A smile, a kiss, and simple “I love you,” and they’re gone.

Turning from the door, I see stacks of dishes and leftovers to store away.

Thankful that the day is over, I drag myself to the couch for some football and a nap.

Exhausted, I settle back and smile.

"Thanksgiving, what a wonderful day. Hope you have an awesome day too."


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A #Recipe for Ham - Strawberry Ham Sauce #Thanksgiving #Goodeats

I wanted to share a recipe that I use every holiday season. 

2 (10oz) pkg. frozen strawberries (thawed) have used fresh too but add a little water

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup ginger ale or 7-up
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup corn syrup

Combine everything in a pot and cook until thick and clear. Takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

My family loves to have this over ham.

Give it a try and you'll love it too.


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CFO's Affair by @AuthorTinaGayle #Romancenovel, #WomenHelpingWomen

Now also in Kindle Unlimited 

Okay, if you've read any of the Tina Gayle's Executive Wives Club series, you've heard of me.

Sylvia Donovan, here to share with you my diet secrets. Though, personally I don't know that I'd try them.

First, I guess you should know who I was before I went on my diet.

A tall woman over the age of forty, I could carry a few extra pounds and get away with it. Then, I added a few more. My husband worked long hours and my daughter spent most of her time at school or school activities. I had time to indulge.

So I did until I was line backer big. The boys on the Nebraska football team had nothing on me.

Then I hit a wall on one emotional disaster of a day.

Not only did my husband ask me for a divorce, he was also in a fatal car crash the same day.

My world changed.

Getting out of bed at first was a real challenge. I fought through my grief and tried to be there for my daughter. Food became a task, I'd rather avoid.

Amazing how a few skipped meals can help you lose weight.

Then I needed to fill my days with something other than staring at the walls so I decided to hit the gym. Tried everything from weight lifting to zumba classes, I settled on yoga as my exercise of choice.

Two years later, I was back to my college weight.

Now, I'm off on a new adventure. I'm trying to find out who my husband had an affair with before his death.

Come along and share the ride in "CFO's Affair."

Blurb for CFO’s Affair

Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman.  Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.

Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.

Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?

 Excerpt for CFO’s Affair  -

            A knock sounded on the window beside her and she jumped. Her head swiveled around and she stared at the man looking at her through the window.

            Vince Wilshire's handsome face could make any woman melt with desire. With it so close to hers—the glass being the only thing separating them—a rush of adrenaline swept into her system. She leaned sideways in her seat and knocked her hand against the steering wheel. The horn beeped and she muttered, "Damn it, Knox, why did you..."

            The sound of his laughter sent anger flooding through her, the muscles in her arms tightening with the need to strike out. She lowered the phone and clicked the disconnect button in retaliation to his attempt to manipulate her.

            Vince opened the driver's side door and cold air rushed into the car. "Hey, beautiful, are you heading inside?"

            "What is this? Are you guys ganging up on me?" Sylvia ignored the man beside her and glanced in the rear view mirror, checking to make sure her tears hadn't caused any lasting effect.

            A warm hand landed on her shoulder and Vince toyed with her hair. "Not at all, I like the idea of entering the building with a gorgeous woman on my arm."

            "Right," she protested and stuffed her phone into her purse before turning to stare into his bedroom-brown eyes. The spark in their depths had her reevaluating her impression of the man. Yes, he had the face and body to rival every other Casanova in the world, but he also had a sense of humor. That alone sent a shiver of awareness through her.

            She fought the desire gathering in her stomach and waved her hand at him so he'd move out of the way, letting her exit the car. "Did Knox make you wait out here in the parking lot to make sure I would come inside?"

            Vince grinned and held her door open while she stepped onto the asphalt. His gaze fell to her legs.

            She stared at her new, high-heel, red pumps and silently prayed she wouldn't land face first in the dirt when she tried to walk across the pitted parking lot in them.

            A low whistled sounded beside her. "Man, are you ever hot."

            She ignored the comment and didn't turn until she heard the car door slamming closed. "And there's not a woman you've ever met you haven't wanted."

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Sylvia Donovan

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#Romance free reads and #HolidayRecipe from #MFRWAuthor @AuthorTinaGayle

Irish Cream and a little Golf

I'm a golfer and love to play so I also love the Irish and particular Irish Cream

Here's the recipe I use if I don't just buy the bottle.

1 cup heavy cream
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 2/3 cups Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon instant coffee granules
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon almond extract

In a blender, combine heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, Irish whiskey, instant coffee, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, and almond extract. Blend on high for 20 to 30 seconds. Store in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator. Shake well before serving.

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A #LowCarb #Recipe for the #Holidays - A Lemon Treat

Okay, you enjoy cooking. But do you follow the recipe exactly?

Strangely enough, I struggle with this. I believe I was thrown off course years ago while watching this beautiful lady.

Yes, she did it in her movie Sabrina where she looked into the refrigerator and came up with a meal.

So when I start to make a recipe, I look in the refrigerator to see if I have what I need and usually find that I don't.  Soooo, I do what Sabrina did and replace one item for another.

If you remember, I'm on a low carb diet and in need of a treat.

I found this recipe that was called Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake bars 

Now the recipe called for

1   3oz box of sugar free lemon jello - ( I had this)
1   cup of boiling water  - (again a check mark was in my kitchen)
2   Tablespoons of Lemon Juice ( yes - we are good to go.)
2   8oz packages of low fat cream cheese  (Houston, we have it a problem.)

I didn't have low fat cream cheese and only had 1 package. Now, what's a cook to do and knowing my husband isn't the biggest fan of cream cheese.....well, I did what I always do and changed the recipe.

Okay, so I had one package of full fat cream cheese and wait for it.....sour cream.

So I mixed it up with using the directions and add a cup of sour cream instead of 1 of the packages of cream cheese.

They came out awesome.

So if you don't have 2 packages of cream cheese you might want to try 1 cup of sour cream in this recipe. (Good for those people who aren't fan of cream cheese.)

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CFO's Affair - the Executive Wives Club series - #WomenFiction, #Excerpt #Romance

 photo TG-EWC-CFOsAffair-300x450_zpse2db5936.jpg

Blurb -
Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman.  Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.
Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.
Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?
The door clicked open.
Wrapping his hand around the handle to keep from reaching for her, Vince Wilshire shoved the door open. "Are you ready for this?"
Her face mere inches from his, he noticed a brief flash of panic in her eyes before Sylvia Donovan lifted her chin and stepped through the entrance. "Nothing I haven't seen before. Or probably won't see again."
He understood she meant the task of doing a job, but for some reason his brain registered the sexual implications of the comment. "Oh, man, you're brutal. Some things you know get better with age.”
Matching his steps to hers, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and leaned in close. He whispered beside her ear, "It's all a matter of knowing how to use what you've got."
She shrugged and shifted away from him, eyeing him with a raised brow. "Yes and some people are amateurs, Mr. Wilshire. You, I take it, are an old pro who knows how to wield your sword with the best of them."
Laughter bubbled up into his throat. He marveled at her sassy tone and didn't relinquish his grip. "I must admit I’m very good at a few chosen tasks."
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Purchase ebook at:

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Deadly Alliance by Kathleen Rowland #Mystery #Romance #HEA

 Deadly Alliance,
by Kathleen Rowland.


Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, walked on the wild side in Iraq, but now he lives in the shadows. After his evasive partner, Les, was shot in a random drive-by, Finn discovers cash is siphoned monthly. He fights to keep his investment company afloat. When the late partner’s girlfriend, Amy Kintyre, applies for his bookkeeping job, Finn suspects she knows about his company drain and hires her.

Amy needs a nine-to-five with free evenings and weekends to get her fashion design business back on track. She unearths Les’s secret bank account and alerts Finn. Freezing of the money laundering account sets off havoc within an Irish gang. Amy witnesses a gang fight between a brutal ISIS fundraising organization and the Irish. Desperate to escape a stalker’s crosshairs, she seeks refuge with Finn. As danger heats up, sparks fly hotter.

More about the hero of Deadly Alliance:

Nickname:  Finn. My full name is Finbar Michael Donahue.

Job: I own my own investment company, but who’s the [expletive deleted] stealing money from me?

Level of schooling:  B.A. in finance, former Army Ranger. That was when I targeted the enemy.

Download Deadly Alliance on Kindle today!

Excerpt—Amy’s first day working for Finn
Hours later, Finn straightened his spine as he listened to his new bookkeeper order Rosenberg around with the authority of an Army lieutenant. She spoke with confidence from her chair and waited for answers with intensity. Somehow she came across larger than her delicate self.

“Brad,” his pretty war buddy said, “I’ll need your password to access activity-to-date.” Her attitude wasn’t for show. Her curiosity propelled her to the depths of the drain. Heaven help those who lurked there.

“Sure thing.” Brad blew out a breath and scribbled his password on a sticky note. Handing it to her, he bent to her level.

She said, “I apologize for causing chaos.”

“No apology necessary.” Brad asked, “What are you working on?”

Jumping in, Finn said, “Comparisons, Rosenberg, that’s what she’s working on.” Unholy as she’d undoubtedly turn out to be, at the moment they were forged in combat. “Give her your full support.”

“Absolutely. Consider me your scaffold,” Rosenberg said, accepting his fate. “Excuse me, won’t you? I’m running payroll.”

Finn liked his head accountant. He was solid. Dependable. Not creative, but his easy-going manner was soothing. “Payroll. You’re a masochist.”

Amy smiled, and her crystal-green gaze sought his. She found his comment amusing. Her professional attire included a gray satin blouse tucked into a herringbone skirt. When she moved, her layered, dark-blonde hair settled into a sleek flip over her shoulders.

Amy’s bending and reaching, as she took control of her four-by-four cubicle, was damn compelling. She found a rhythm with a handy notepad beside her computer. Using Brad’s password, she turned sideways to open files. Attractive summed up her symmetrical profile and creamy complexion.

For a long while, getting hot and heavy had not been on his mind. Her envelope gave him concrete evidence to bring to the sheriff and eased his tension. As she brushed tresses off her face, he wanted to nibble on her ear.

Amy packed her lithe frame with succulent curves. He enjoyed observing her ample bust which required high-performance support. He’d like to see those globes running free. He’d never considered her as dating material. Timing was off. When she started dating Les, he was hooking up with Miss California. Now it was too late. She worked for him. Hands off. Finn liked women—lots of women, all women, in all shapes and sizes and ethnicities as long as they met the enthusiasm requirement. He hadn’t tested this, but she was off-limits for another reason. He didn’t intend to put her through another relationship leading to nowhere.

Finn kept things loose. A woman in his bed but not in his life was what he often said. There hadn’t been that either.  Why was he picturing her naked in his bed?

About the Author
Book Buyers Best finalist Kathleen Rowland is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes suspense with a sizzling love story sure to melt their hearts.  Kathleen used to write computer programs but now writes novels.   She grew up in Iowa where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and raced her sailboat on Lake Okoboji.  Now she wears flip-flops and sails with her husband, Gerry, on Newport Harbor but wishes there were lightning bugs in California.

Kathleen exists happily with her witty CPA husband, Gerry, in their 70’s poolside retreat in Southern California where she adores time spent with visiting grandchildren, dogs, one bunny, and noisy neighbors.  While proud of their five children who’ve flown the coop, she appreciates the luxury of time to write while listening to demanding character voices in her head.

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