Monday, August 21, 2017

Looking for a Place to #Market Your #Book

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Today I invited Riley to my blog to tell you about Good  A site for both readers and authors.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to GOOD EBOOKS, not your everyday, ordinary, boring website !


The 'GOOD EBOOKS' website is totally different!

'GOOD EBOOKS' not only provides the reader with a wide gamut of good eBooks and good books, but also provides an unlimited selection of fresh, new eBook and good book titles by fresh, new authors ! We have over 300 author associates.


As you know, if you have visited us before, we have a mission, one aspect of which is to assist all authors, especially upcoming emerging authors with their marketing endeavors.

'GOOD EBOOKS' maintains 5 free web pages, "More Reads", "More Reads 2", "Biblical Gold", "Kidz World", and "Poetry" - dedicated to absolutely FREE ads. Together, these 5 webpages house totally free ads, each running for at least 30 days, and even some which will never expire.

Why not visit us today and find a great read or set up an ad for your book?

          Thank you for your interest and support in GOOD EBOOKS at any level.
See  for our current newsletter.

Take care, and all the best,


I have worked with Riley a number of times and always found him help and responsive.

Hope you check it out and maybe do a free ad.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Love to #Travel? So Do I - #TinaTidings #ASMSG

My family and I have visited a number of national parks through the years. Usually, we liked to do some hiking and just enjoy the scenery.

One of my favorite things to do is check out some of the local shops and visit restaurants that are unique to the area.

While visiting the Joshua Tree National Park a few weeks ago, I was looking at the map of parks.

We have visit a number of them, except for the ones in the eastern section of the U.S. I was wondering what is your favorite.

I enjoyed the Smoky's, went before the fire, but I'm looking for others national parks that people have enjoyed.

Love to here which one's you enjoyed,


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pregnancy Plan a #Romance on #KindleUnlimited - #read Today

Pregnancy Plan

Jillian Wilson wants a baby and is willing to do just about anything to have one. Until her almost ex-boyfriend shows up at her hotel room door. Then she has to convince him she's not fooling around with his brother.

Now, Derrick is only to happy to help with her problem.

Can Jillian love him and leave him even when he is hurt in a car crash and now believes they are married?



Derek entered the condo, exhausted from a day at the lake. He wanted a cold beer and a hot shower, in that order.
Good thing he’d strong-armed his brother into taking Kelly away for the weekend. He had the place to himself, and Jason and his fiancĂ©e could use the relief from the stress of planning their wedding.
Removing his sweaty shirt, he threw it over his shoulder, opened the refrigerator, and grabbed a Bud. With a quick twist of his wrist, he uncapped the bottle, and poured the cold liquid down his throat.
Now the shower.
He stepped around the bar separating the kitchen from the dining area. The light on the answering machine blinked. He hit the button.
“Uh, Jason, it’s Jillian.”
A picture of a shapely woman flashed through Derek’s mind.
“I don’t want you to worry. I’m not pregnant...”
“Holy shit!” Every big-brother, over-protective gene in his body kicked into gear.
The shattering sound of his beer bottle hitting the floor and his fist connecting with the wall doused the end of the message.
Could this be the reason Kelly was having second thoughts about marrying Jason?

Now Free on Kindle Unlimited along with all my other books.


Monday, August 14, 2017

An Image Can Tell A Story - #Authors #Marketing #MFRWauthor

The one thing that authors are hoping to do is draw people to their books. However the book cover along might not tell the whole story.

Or it might be a part of a series, where there is more than one book to enjoy.

Also, the author might want to include a brief blurb with the picture.

To be able to shake up your promotions, an author needs an easy to use image system.

The best free one that I've used is

It lets you upload pictures and create banners for facebook, twitter, etc.  The designer can use different colors and change things. The best part is it knows the sizes for the different social sites so there is no guess work.

But where do to find pictures?

My favorite site is
It is useful to create special event banners like this one.

Adding pictures to any post helps increase engagement.

I hope using these free tools will make it easier for you,


Friday, August 11, 2017

Tina Tidings - Can You Follow the #Recipe - #LowCarb Lemon Treat

Okay, you enjoy cooking. But do you follow the recipe exactly?

Strangely enough, I struggle with this. I believe I was thrown off course years ago while watching this beautiful lady.

Yes, she did it in her movie Sabrina where she looked into the refrigerator and came up with a meal.

So when I start to make a recipe, I look in the refrigerator to see if I have what I need and usually find that I don't.  Soooo, I do what Sabrina did and replace one item for another.

If you remember, I'm on a low carb diet and in need of a treat.

I found this recipe that was called Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake bars 

Now the recipe called for

1   3oz box of sugar free lemon jello - ( I had this)
1   cup of boiling water  - (again a check mark was in my kitchen)
2   Tablespoons of Lemon Juice ( yes - we are good to go.)
2   8oz packages of low fat cream cheese  (Houston, we have it a problem.)

I didn't have low fat cream cheese and only had 1 package. Now, what's a cook to do and knowing my husband isn't the biggest fan of cream cheese.....well, I did what I always do and changed the recipe.

Okay, so I had one package of full fat cream cheese and wait for it.....sour cream.

So I mixed it up with using the directions and add a cup of sour cream instead of 1 of the packages of cream cheese.

They came out awesome.

So if you don't have 2 packages of cream cheese you might want to try 1 cup of sour cream in this recipe. (Good for those people who aren't fan of cream cheese.)

Thanks for tune into Tina's Tidings,


Monday, August 7, 2017

#Writing Process - Look to the Future as an #Author

Need a break from rewriting that first chapter?

Type in "The End?"

No matter where you are in the process it might be a good time to expand your horizons and look to the future.

Remember no one will buy your book if they don't know it exists. So now might be the time to

Set up a blog

Get your website domain name and set up your website.

Join writing groups.

Join social networking sites.
All of these things can get your name out in front of people who might some day want to buy your book.
Take a moment and chose one that might interest you, then give it a go.
You may find you enjoy sharing the journey of writing with your new friends.

For more writing/marketing tips check out

Here's to great success to you and yours,

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tina's Tidings - #Diet - A Solution or Just Craziness? #weightloss #LowCarb

Inspiration - You can't realize your dreams unless you have one to begin with. - Thomas A. Edison

I have a number of dreams so my problem stems from which one do I focus on the most at this moment.

Diet is my favorite at the moment. My husband and I have put on a few pounds and decided we needed to work a little harder to get off those extra pounds.

Now, one of the best diets for my husband to lose weight is the Low Carb Diet.

Here is the official information on Low Carb diets according to Google.

A low-carb diet is a diet that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta and bread. It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables. There are many different types of low-carb diets, and studies show that they can cause weight loss and improve health.

Now that sounds easy enough.

Reality is a different case because it changes how you cook almost every recipe that you have.

Salads have become the new go to meal with different kinds of meat.

Bread, pasta, and desserts are non-existent.

Strangely there are substitutions and I have tried a number which I will share.

Bread - you have to make your own. I found one that I like a little (let's just say it's better than most.)

For pasta - I tried  

over all it's not bad. Just make sure to follow the directions.

Dessert - I do a bite size meringue.

I got the recipe from

Then I changed it.  Where I use powered egg whites and different flavored sugar free jello - (mine are better if you wait a couple of days until you eat them, because then they are crunchy.)

Now, the big question have I lost any weight?

As every dieter will answer - not as much as I want.

So is dieting worth the effort?

Love to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment and let's get to know each other.