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Attending Emerald City #RWA Conference - #TinaTidings @ECWC_Seattle_WA #ASMSG

Hi everyone,

I have a number of Canadian pictures that I wanted to share but they are from the Jasper National Park Golf course so I decided to create a post for them on my wordpress blog.
So if you want to jump over there and see them here is the link.

I'm so excited about attending Emerald City #RWA Conference
on the second weekend of October.

So of course, I had to have a new hat. 

But when I was shopping, I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I had to get more than one.

Now, I'm working on what to wear and the final notes for my speech.

I'm going hold a class on 

Real Marketing for Organic Growth.

with PMInc.
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Shiny #MFRWHooks Fallen Leaves by @authorTinaGayle #MFRWauthor #Romance

MFRW Authors Blog

Would you like to discover some new books?

Then you're in the right place.

Today I'm doing the Book Hooks Hop with #MFRWauthors

Here's mine and make sure to hop over to the other authors to discovers some great reads.

Fallen Leaves Blurb -

As autumn comes to the Winston estate in Ohio, Amber Harrison learns further lessons in her new position as keeper for the spirits and ghosts who haunt the estate--and further lessons in love, too. She and her love, Carter Miller, grapple with the fears and passions of new love, while caught up in the storm of ancient family drama.

This is the second book in the unfolding saga of the psychics and talents associated with the Winston estate, a sheltered place where past, present, and future are woven into a single dramatic tapestry of love and desire. The tale spans multiple generations, multiple eras, and offers something special for all ages of reader. A sexy winner, with an assortment of couples to appeal to most tastes.


Driving down the rough gravel path, her car rocked and groaned at each pothole she encountered. Up ahead, she noticed the red brick of a stately house. The classic lines told her the age. Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of sorrow brought tears to her eyes and her vision blurred, hindering her view of the grand estate.

Lilia blinked, and her gaze fell to a mournful fountain in front of the house. No water sprang from its center. She slowed the car. In the middle of the pool lay the shards of a statue.

A pull from the past gripped Lilia’s thoughts. A shadowy figure formed. Red stains marked the woman’s elegant body. Lilia recognized the pain inflicted by a needless death.

She fought the draw of the unresolved issues and reminded herself of the reason for her visit.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. She pushed aside the image in her head and turned off her car. I’m here to see a friend, not to solve a mystery.

Purchase links:

 Amazon | Smashwords | Apple  | Kobo |  B&N

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Want to Know How to Create a #Bio? Kris Bock Makes it Easy for #Authors for #Promotion

Today, I have the Pleasure of Welcoming 

Kris Bock

and her awesome article on

Bios Made Easy

Writers need bios, for query letters, on websites, for conference brochures. Surely writers can write about ourselves. Yet while coordinating writing conferences, I discovered that even published authors often write poor bios, whether through modesty, carelessness or overwriting. Many bios are entertaining, but don’t do their job.

The job is selling yourself and your books. Keep that focus in mind and the rest will follow.

Content: List your publications. If you have many, mention the number but only go into detail on three or fourperhaps the most recent or popular. Specify the genre, as titles aren’t always clear by themselves. If you don’t have published books, mention your other credentials – “Cub Newshound’s articles appear in Slate,” for example.

Don’t get carried away listing awards. If each book has four or five minor awards, the reader bogs down in dull details. List the most prestigious, or combine them – “Ms. Inkslinger’s books have received five Readers’ Choice Awards from various states.”

Relevancy: If someone is considering buying your book or coming to hear you speak, they want to know your success as a writer or speaker, not the names of your pets. Put your professional information first. Don’t start with your hobbies or childhood, unless it directly relates to your book. (For example, you’re a nurse and you wrote a hospital drama.) Don’t thank your family for their support. Save that for your book dedications.

Style: You may need different bios for different uses – playful on a book flap; professional for a newspaper article; focused on teaching experience for a conference catalog; praising your writing success for a book signing. Regardless, focus on information. Humor and lively writing are fine, but don’t get too wrapped up in sounding “literary.”

In a large conference brochure, the designer probably wants consistent style. A touch of formality may be appropriate – you’re trying to portray yourself as a professional. Pretend you’re someone else writing about you in the third person. “Bard Wordsmith is an award-winning author….” For a query letter, use first person. A website could go either way.

Length: Keep it short and to the point. If your bio will stand alone, on an individual brochure or flyer, try 100-200 words. If your bio will appear along with others, 50-100 words is plenty (or whatever they request). Many people will skim anyway. Include your website for more information. An editor may cut to save space, so put the most important information up front.

I keep several versions and cut and paste as needed. A longer bio may have a sentence about each of my romantic adventure novels. A shorter one may have only a few words on each, or general info on the kind of books I write. If I’m promoting my critiquing/editing business, I would focus on my experience as a teacher and workshop leader, noting that people can get recommendations and rates on my web site. The details depend on what I’m trying to sell. (See examples below.)

So what about you? To get started, make a list of the facts that you want to share. Then write a simple, straightforward paragraph that includes them. Next, decide if it’s appropriate to dress it up, but as in all good writing, communication comes first.

Kris Bock writes novels of suspense and romance with outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. Roberta at Sensuous Reviews blog says, “Counterfeits is the kind of romantic suspense novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary Stewart’s Moonspinners.” Read excerpts at or visit her Amazon page. Sign up for the Kris Bock newsletter for announcements of new books, sales, and more.

Kris writes for children under the name Chris Eboch. Her book Advanced Plotting helps writers fine-tune their plots. Learn more at her website or Amazon page, or check out her writing tips at her Write Like a Pro! blog.

Thanks for the wonderful information about writing an author bio,


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A #BookHugs #Romance of the #Unexpected by Valerie Ullmer

#BookHugs #Unexpected

On Sale for .99¢ - September 15th – September 30th

Unexpected (A Unexpected Novel Book One)

Valerie Ullmer

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance


A chance meeting will change their lives forever…

From the moment he entered the dark taproom, Caleb Hunt found himself drawn to the handsome man who sat alone at the end of the bar, away from the crowd. His interest in the dark-haired, muscled adonis took him by surprise, not remembering when he’d felt such hunger from a simple glimpse. Unable to stay away, he quickly found an open seat next to him and slid into it. When Ronan turned his ice-blue eyes to Caleb and introduced himself, his warm hand sent shivers of desire through his body and he was enthralled.

Ronan Scott’s boring Friday night had taken a turn for the better when Caleb took the seat next to him. Over the next few hours, he found Caleb easy to talk to and at the same time, he found that he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the beautiful man. Caleb captured his attention in a way that no other had for as long as he could remember. Taking a chance, he leaned forward and captured Caleb’s lips with his. And with the simple kiss, Ronan understood that Caleb would become an essential part of his life.  

As Ronan and Caleb explore their new relationship and integrate their lives together, they realize that not everything will be so seamless…

Buy Links:


That’s when he spotted him and everything stopped.
His breathing hitched in his chest and his heart thudded once, hard, and even the music seemed to fade as his gaze landed on a dark-haired man who sat by himself at the bar. As Caleb’s eyes slid down the man’s body of their own accord, he noted the fitted black tee that emphasized the muscles of his arms, back, and shoulders, before his gaze dropped lower to his legs encased in denim.
When he lifted a beer to his mouth and swallowed, Caleb felt his own throat tighten. A shiver of desire passed over him. Never had he felt this way about a man or woman in his life.
Before he could analyze his actions or talk himself out of his stupid plan, he walked toward the man. Part of him wanted to see if the man was as stunning as he believed from across the bar or if he’d been alone for so long that his mind had conjured the perfect man.
Before Caleb could reach the stool next to him, a beautiful blonde glided up to him, running her hand down his chest. Her smile flirty and sensual. Although Caleb had never been propositioned in any way close to resembling what he witnessed, he knew that she offered the man a brazen invitation to get to know her better.
Disappointment flooded Caleb’s chest.
In the next moment, however, she frowned and backed away from him as quickly as she arrived, leaving an empty chair.
Not questioning his good luck, Caleb hurried over and shed his coat, dropping it over the back. He flagged down the bartender and indicated the beer he wanted.
He sensed the man’s eyes on him, but for the moment, he wasn’t brave enough to turn and catch his gaze. Not when his breath had stuck in his throat, and he didn’t know if he could speak without sounding choked.
As soon as the bartender handed him his mug, the man turned his body toward him and leaned over to speak, close to his ear.
“Are you here alone?”
Caleb had to bite the inside of his lip in order not to moan out loud at the sexy, deep voice. Remembering the question, he shook his head and pointed toward Dylan and Garrett across the room. Dylan, of course, had a woman on his lap and was tracing a finger down her neck, before he leaned toward her and his mouth followed the same trail.
Garrett was looking down at his phone. The shy woman he’d been talking to had disappeared, much to Caleb’s disappointment, and another was trying, unsuccessfully, to get his attention. She looked drunk and very loud by the way he flinched every time she spoke.
“Dylan, the one on the right with a woman on his lap, is the biggest flirt in the world. He’s never serious about any woman he takes home. Garrett is his best friend, the complete opposite of Dylan, but he’s loyal.”
The man laughed and Caleb couldn’t help the lift of his lips at the sound. It was deep, rich, and addictive. But when the man turned his ice-blue eyes on him, something unidentifiable swelled in his chest. He could sense that he should speak, to keep this gorgeous man talking for as long as possible. “Are you here alone?”
Smart, Caleb. Just parrot the same question back.
The man smiled before he nodded over to his group of friends. Some were flirting, but others were enjoying the company of their friends on a Friday night.
“The ginger is Hawk; he’s a divorce lawyer who is handling Ryan’s divorce. That’s why they’re hunched over their beers. Ryan’s wife apparently hadn’t been faithful during their entire four-year marriage, and he found out when he came home early from a business trip. Jack is the one who is flirting with the group of women; he’s like Dylan in that way, never serious. He’s a CEO of a tech company and he could have any woman with his looks and the power he exudes, but he’s never been in a serious relationship. Sam is my second-in-command, the one who looks faintly sick, because Adam is a forensic scientist who loves talking about his work.”
Caleb found himself smiling at the group of friends. When he glanced at the man, who had turned back to Caleb after pointing out his friends, he snagged Caleb’s gaze. “So, do you have a girlfriend at home?”
“No. I can’t remember the last time I had a date, much less a successful one. You?”
Caleb breathed a sigh of relief when he shook his head.
“I’m Ronan Scott.” He held his hand out.
Even the man’s name is sexy.
He had to clear his throat before he reached out and grasped Ronan’s large, warm hand in his. “Caleb Hunt.”
Something inside Caleb warmed in increments until fireworks exploded behind his skin, all from a simple touch.

About Valerie

Valerie writes paranormal and contemporary romances with strong alpha males and brilliant, beautiful heroines. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character driven romances.

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I believe that Love is Love, no matter what race, religion, color, or gender. Love is Love.

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This Weeks 9/15/17 #TinaTidings and #Travel #Pictures

So if you follow me on facebook, you might have noticed that I changed out my profile picture and the banner picture. I had to cut down the picture so you could see me.

I know it looks as if I am standing in front of a picture, but believe me Lake Louise is just as beautiful as the picture shows. Mike and I had such a wonderful time here. The water is an incredible blue. The day was a little chilly at least for me, but of course, Mike had on shorts.  We walked down to where the water from the glacier trickled into the lake. 

The fires in western Canada didn't distract from the view like they had earlier in our trip. 
This is a view from our hotel window. It was hard going to sleep with such beautiful scenery outside.


Not much to share this week, other than I know a few people who are suffering from the lose of love ones and friends. It can be such a heartache. With all the things going on in the country, I hope you, my friends and readers have recovered from the hurricanes that have hit both Texas, my home state, and Florida. I'm very lucky that in neither places, my friends and family have come through without any harm.

Please be safe in your travels and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love comments so please let me know what exciting is going on in your life.

All the best to you and yours,


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Ghost #BookHugs from UnHoly Alliance a #RomanticSuspense by @RowlandKathleen

Inspirational thought from Kathleen -

Kathleen believes a friend is kind to another’s dreams. Everyone struggles, and a friend who tries to understand is priceless. When things go well, a friend shares the joy.

Blurb, Unholy Alliance:
The worst happened. Her cousin is still missing. Just released from jail for a murder she didn’t commit, thanks to attorney, Grady Fletcher. Tori has no clues. No destination. Just fear for the cousin she believes is held captive by an Irish mob boss, Seamus McGinn.
What if Tori were to park a food truck in the seedy waterfront neighborhood where the mob operates and hunt for this sadistic killer? Grady must protect the strong woman he’s come to adore. With emotions on a knife edge, Tori runs on instinct, on the desperation of affection between cousins. With adrenaline pumping, this is it. Tori identifies an island hideout, but Grady warns her to anticipate who her cousin is now.

Excerpt for Unholy Alliance-- takes place when her attorney, Grady, visits Tori’s food truck,
Deep Fried to Taste, for the first time.
She’d walked out of the Gladstone Prison a decade before she’d walked in. After ten years she was free. Free because of Grady. The effects of imprisonment scarred her but also strengthened her resolve. Her heart swelled with gratitude for freedom.
She had a home in her food truck and proved in one day she could make money. She had friends who worked within two blocks of the lot. Her former cellmate embalmed at a funeral home. Down the street, Grady appealed cases of the wrongly accused, and his detective, Maeve, not only found evidence to support his efforts, but she also wanted to know if her cousin was living in terror or dead and at peace. Earlier from her office desk Maeve texted her the link for Friends Amy and Finn were a phone call away. Her parents disappeared on the day of her conviction and bought a house in Carlow, Ireland. She trusted they longed for her as she did them. She mourned the loss of her brother but worried nonstop over Vivienne.
A gaping hole in her heart ached to find her. When she did, she’d take a full breath. Her search began where it left off. Seamus McGinn, the thug who’d framed her.
What did Viv look like now? Was she using the new last name, Valentine? Fairy tale beautiful with waves of blonde hair and a rosebud mouth, her flair for adventure sometimes led to trouble with wild boys.
Grady double-arm waved at her. It was as if he were a two-dimensional character in a dream. Handsome. As upstanding as any man could be. Her legs gave way. The figure in the distance did that, and she grabbed the counter. Dizzy and short of breath, she chastised herself for holding on to the romantic notions she fantasized about a hundred times a day. She stuck her head out the window. “I’m coming out.”
Grady met her on the stairs and offered a hand. The closer he got, the harder it was to concentrate on stepping down. His killer smile showed off two sexy dimples when he said, “It’s noon.”
Good noon to you.” She gulped. Readying herself for conversation, she took his hand, rose on her toes, and sniffed. “Hmmm, what is that? Shaving lotion? Man perfume?”
He chuckled, and a weird electric awareness went off in her chest. In slow motion, it cracked open slowly, sent out sparkly runners to forgotten girl parts, and pulsed there.
She pulled her shoulders back and lifted her chin. Their gazes locked. Her hair loosened from her bandana. “Drat, I’m a chef. Hair is supposed to stay put.” She took it off, placed the center of the bandana on the nape of her neck and tied a knot on the top of her head.
He reached to help tuck the ends under. “You’re so darn cute.”
Oooo, that scent. Are you going to tell me what it is?”
Eau des Baux Eau.” The warm, deep sound of his voice sent more sensations of want right through her. Behind him, the sun stretched a bit higher and seemed to shine just on him. “You like it?”
I sure do. Vanilla. You smell like a cookie.” Her heart thudded harder than it should.
Do you like cookies?” He bent his head for a kiss.
She kissed Mr. Good Noon with the wavy reddish-brown hair and body made to lose sleep over. Her breath hitched, and she took a step back from heartbreak. No reason to set sights on a man way out of her league. The glow dimmed, and the warmth backed off. “Care to look at my menu?” She stepped closer to the blackboard.
Now you’re speaking my language. I’m starving.” He raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth lifted. “Pimento cheeseburger corn dog.”
That’s my great food mash-up.”
I can see why. It blends two favorites, the cheeseburger, and the corn dog.”
All purchase links are below:

Meet the author, Kathleen Rowland, and her dark and dangerous world of romantic suspense.
Award-winning author Kathleen Rowland is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes suspense with a sizzling love story sure to melt their hearts. Writing a romantic suspense series for Tirgearr Publishing, Deadly Alliance is followed by Unholy Alliance. Bittersweet Alliance in the works. Keep an icy drink handy while reading these sizzling romantic thrillers.
Kathleen used to write computer programs but now writes novels. She grew up in Iowa where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and raced her sailboat on Lake Okoboji. Now she wears flip-flops and sails with her husband, Gerry, on Newport Harbor but wishes there were lightning bugs in California.
Kathleen exists happily with her witty CPA husband, Gerry, in their 70’s poolside retreat in Southern California where she adores time spent with visiting grandchildren, dogs, one bunny, and noisy neighbors. While proud of their five children who’ve flown the coop, she appreciates the luxury of time to write. If you’d enjoy secrets behind books, signup for Kathleen’s newsletter on her website:

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A #BookHook Delete Scene from Summer's Growth by @AuthorTinaGayle #MFRWauthor

I love doing the Book Hooks with #MFRWauthor.

I spent a lot of time with this book.

In some ways, it is a book of recovery. I started writing it after my mom died and some how talking to the spirits in the book made me feel better.

Remember this is not perfect because it is not in the final book.

“I’ve decided I need to move on, get out, travel, meet new people, do something different.” Mattie thought the reason sounded plausible, even if it wasn’t true. Saying the family council kicked her out wouldn’t do much for her ego so she swallowed her own lie.

“Are you going to start dating?” Henry peered over his glasses. He’d spent a full hour trying to talk her into staying as lead trustee.

Surprised by the question, Mattie wondered where it came from, “I might.” Not that she’d seriously considered it.

Henry grinned and pushed his glasses farther up on his nose. “Well, I know a number of men who’d be happy to hear you’re joining the singles scene.”

“Who?” Mattie couldn’t believe there were any men in this town that would be interested in dating her, much less marrying her.

“Bob Busby, for one, he asks about you every time I see him.” Henry offered, pulling a notepad forward.

“The man has been married three times.”  Mattie pictured Bob in her mind. The image of the short, round, balding man didn’t please her.

“What about Judge Spears?  He’s been asking you out at every trustee meeting for the last five years,” Henry suggested.

“No way, the man is old enough to be my father.” Mattie patted the tight bun at the back of her head. “I think the likelihood of a man being interested in me at this stage of the game is slim.”

“Well, there’s always Quincy Miller. You know I always thought you two made a great couple back in high school. I bet if you went back to the gypsy style of your youth. He’d be tempted.”

Mattie’s heart skipped a beat. Just the thought of Quincy’s brown eyes made her want to melt. “I think he has enough other women vying for his attention.  He won’t have time for me.”

“Well, I think, you’d better be prepared for a few propositions. You’d be a nice looking woman, Mattie if you let down your hair. Sandy’s always saying that with your trim body and fat bank account, you should be married. And she's right, you should…”

Mattie interrupted, thinking about Henry’s wife. “How is Sandy? I don’t think I’ve seen her in a few years.”

“She’s fine.”  He returned to his prior subject.  “You know, lots of men out there see you as a great catch.”

“You make me sound like a big mouth bass.” Mattie laughed, “but as a clever fish, I don’t plan on being hooked.”

“All right, but be warned.”  He picked up his pen. “I looked at your file.  It shows that initially you had Brent Masterson named as your replacement, then Josh Clarkston. Who have you decided on?”

“Neither,” Mattie stated.

Henry glanced at her. His eyes narrowed, his face turned serious, and he leaned back in his chair. “Okay, tell me who.”

Taking a deep breath, Mattie moved to the end of her chair and began.

Hope you enjoy and are looking forward to the release this Friday.