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It Had to Be You by Kat Henry Doran Plus a #Holiday #Recipe

Let's start with the #recipe Call The Country Boys on the Rocks

Serves 10 [16 oz. size]

32 ounces unsweetened brewed black tea [we call it 'sun' tea because we brew it in the sunshine]
32 ounces lemonade
20 ounces [2 1/2 cups] bourbon
1 bunch [4 oz pkg] fresh mint
2 lemons, sliced into rounds

 Directions:  stir tea and lemonade in a pitcher and chill in the frig till cold [at least one hour].

To assemble each drink: fill a 16 ounce glass with ice about 2/3 full. Add 2 oz bourbon. Pour tea/lemonade mixture over and stir. Dress with mint and lemon rounds. Enjoy! 

It Had To Be You, a contemporary romance by Kat Henry Doran


          Madeleine Flynn returns to Serenity Harbor intent on restoring her beloved home to its former grandeur. Nothing will get in her way. Including a man whose jeans fit in all the right places and who handles a staple gun with the with the grace of a philharmonic conductor.

          Acting on their own agenda, local power brokers expect general contractor Azrael Hanson to monitor renovations on That House--and toss in a few diversions whenever possible. 

          Torn between duty to superiors and a private life he craves, Az knows standing with Maddy will damage his career beyond salvage. If he follows orders, he'll lose a future with the only woman who has brought a new word to his life: hope. 

          “Hanson,” she rasped between swollen, broken lips. “Are you from around here?”

          He nodded. “Born and raised. Why?”

          “I remember a family with six, maybe seven kids. All were named after the minor archangels. Are you part of that clan?”

          “I am. My family owns Hanson Scapes.”

          “So, you're from here, too,” he said, feeling more than a little stupid at the lame statement.

          Despite the ER doc's warning to not let her talk, Az liked the sound of  her voice. She may have lived in Serenity Harbor long enough to know about his mother's obsession with angels, but she hadn't stuck around long.

          With her height and that Lauren Bacall voice, a woman with her looks stayed in a man's mind. And this one fell under RLT.

          Real Looker Territory.

          “My name is Maddy Flynn.”

          One of his nastier habits was spitting out the first thing that came to mind. What came out of his mouth earned both feet, one elbow and the opposite fist all in one bite.

          “Oh, sure. You're the girl who wants to rehab the whorehouse.”



          Writing under the pseudonyms of Veronica Lynch and Kat Henry Doran, author Kathy Cottrell uses her past experience as a nurse, victim advocate and insurance investigator as fodder for her award winning stories which center around women and men who stand for the “less thans” of the world and manage along the way to find that one person who completes their lives.

          Outside of writing and creating tote bags, she serves as a devoted hand maiden and personal slave to the four brightest lights in her universe: Meredith and Owen, Ashlin and Kieran.

To learn more about Veronica and Kat, and the stories they create, go to:




Make Today Yours with Wild Women Authors. . .

Celebrating those who trifle with, exceed or otherwise defy

conventional wisdom...          

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After Midnight by Trevann Rogers and a #Holiday #Recipe #romance

After Midnight
Prequel to House of the Rising Son
Living After Midnight Series
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Improbable love. Impossible life. Immeasurable danger.

Jewell’s stepfather thinks she’s worthless. She agrees. When she looks in the mirror she sees an overweight, overemotional, overeating mess who can’t keep her fangs to herself.

Ria hails from a family of old world vamps who'd be happy to share their wealth with her, if only she’d fall in line. Fat chance, especially since being in that line includes not being gay.

Being in love is easy for Ria and Jewell—the young vampires belong together like vodka and tomato juice. Adding Cheyenne, a talented and sexy incubus, to their union is the hot sauce in their Bloody Mary. The only problem? Vampires and incubi are mortal enemies.

Despite the odds Ria, Jewell and Cheyenne find their way to happiness. But Jewell is hiding a huge secret, one that defies the laws of procreation: She’s going to have a baby.

While she tries to figure out how to break the unbelievable news to her lovers, a horror from Jewell’s past slithers into her present, forcing choices no one should have to make.

Will it be love or death? Happiness or safety? She has until dawn to decide...and it's already After Midnight.
The choice between staying in on a Saturday night to clean and going to see Cheyenne at his first real gig hadn’t been a complicated decision. He was a world-class rocker who could play the guitar like a fiend and had a voice that made you feel…everything. Or made you horny. And fuck if she didn’t love him. Damn incubus.
She reached across him and caressed Jewell’s side. Jewell’s eyes opened and she stared expressionless at the ceiling, hyper-alert to danger. It always took a few moments after resurrecting for her to remember where she was and who was with her, but since moving into their new home it seemed to take even longer.
Ria sighed. She’d do anything if it would help Jewell feel safe enough to die each dawn and awaken peacefully. “All is well, Babydoll. It’s just me. Time to rise and twinkle with the stars.”
“Already?” Jewell scrunched her eyes and blinked as if trying to focus them.
Cheyenne lay his head on the soft swell of Jewell’s belly. “Didn’t we just go to bed?”
Ria kissed his back and licked a slow trail down his spine. “Hours ago. Did we tucker out the poor little sex demon?”
“Not hardly, dead girl.”
She grabbed a fistful of his hair and turned him to face her. “That’s undead girl, thank you.” She bit his lower lip and let it drag between her teeth. “Show us what you’ve got left.”
You can find After Midnight at Amazon

About Trevann

Trevann Rogers writes urban fantasy and LGBT paranormal romances. Her books include HOUSE OF THE RISING SON and its prequel novella, AFTER MIDNIGHT. Trevann's stories incorporate an unquenchable addiction to music and her love for vampires, Weres, incubi and rock stars. Like these elusive creatures, Trevann learned long ago that sometimes being yourself means Living After Midnight.

You can find Trevann online at:
Twitter: @TrevannRogers

Apple Pie Bars

1 package sugar cookie mix
1 egg
1/2-cup butter, melted
3/4 of can of apple pie filling
2 tbsp. brown sugar
Ground cinnamon to taste

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Butter a 8 x 8 in baking dish.
In a mixing bowl, combine sugar cookie mix, egg and melted butter.  Set aside ONE cup. Press the rest of the dough into bottom of pan.

Spread apple pie filling over dough. Break reserved cup of dough into small pieces and distribute evenly on top of filling.

Combine brown sugar and ground cinnamon. Sprinkle on top of dough. Bake for 30 minutes or until edges are brown and dough is cooked through. (Depending on your oven this could take longer.)

If desired, serve with vanilla ice cream. (I highly recommend it.)

The recipe sounds awesome, thanks for sharing,

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How to Promote #9 in My Book - Now What? #MFRWauthor

There are many ways to Promote yourself as a writer.

I believe the best way is to look for promotion everywhere.

Yahoo groups, ads, promotional items can all help and should be used, but don't miss an opportunity to sell your book at other venues too.

Church, clubs, the grocery store, the park, on an airplane, we meet people every day and most like to read.

Hand them a business card or talk to them about being a writer. You never know where you next reader might come from.

Recently, I read and article about some thing not to do.

The article suggested not buying banner ads, stated that most people do not click through to your site so are not worth the money.

Another is a suggestion- don't respond to negative feedback. No one likes a bad review, but it does not help to address it by getting upset. Let it go and get on to writing your next book.


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Betrayal Even After Death Hurts by @AuthorTinaGayle #MFRWHooks #MFRWauthor

Genre: Contemporary Romance with strong women fiction elements

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Marketing Exec’s Widow


Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman. Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.

Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.

Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?


"What is this? Are you guys ganging up on me?" Sylvia ignored the man beside her and glanced in the rear view mirror, checking to make sure her tears hadn't caused any lasting effect.

A warm hand landed on her shoulder and Vince toyed with her hair. "Not at all, I like the idea of entering the building with a gorgeous woman on my arm."

"Right," she protested and stuffed her phone into her purse before turning to stare into his bedroom-brown eyes. The spark in their depths had her reevaluating her impression of the man.

Yes, he had the face and body to rival every other Casanova in the world, but he also had a sense of humor. That alone sent a shiver of awareness through her. She fought the desire gathering in her stomach and waved her hand at him so he'd move out of the way, letting her exit the car. "Did Knox make you wait out here in the parking lot to make sure I would come inside?"

Vince grinned and held her door open while she stepped onto the asphalt. His gaze fell to her legs.

She stared at her new, high-heel, red pumps and silently prayed she wouldn't land face first in the dirt when she tried to walk across the pitted parking lot in them.

A low whistled sounded beside her. "Man, are you ever hot.”

She ignored the comment and didn't turn until she heard the car door slamming closed. "And there's not a woman you've ever met you haven't wanted."

He slapped a hand over his chest. "Oh, you injure me. If I had a beautiful woman like you on my arm, I'd be content for eternity."

 "Or until the next pretty face walked by." Sylvia tossed her dark auburn hair off her shoulder and walked toward the front entrance without glancing back. The man is entirely too cocky.

 He hurried to her side and slipped his arm through hers. "Not a chance, no woman can compete with you."

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Practical Insight for #Authors by @KimHeadlee

The Business of Writing: Practical Insights for Independent, Hybrid, and Traditionally Published Authors is the go-to guide for everyone wishing to start—or jump-start—their writing careers.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, discover the answers to such questions as:
—Do I really need to incorporate, what “flavor” of company should I set up, and how do I take the plunge?
—How do I manage my writing expenses and taxes?
—What is an ISBN, where do I get one, and how many will I need?
—What is an imprint and how do I establish one for my books?
—What decisions must I face in the prepublication phase?
—Do I need to register my book’s copyright and how do I accomplish it? What about using other copyrighted materials?
—How on earth do I condense my 100K-word book to a 300-word description, let alone a 20-word tagline?
—How do I select the best keywords for my book?
—What makes for a great cover and how can I get one?
—What do I need to know about book formatting—print as well as digital?
—How can I turn my book into an audiobook?
—How do I develop and refine my author brand?
—How can I land invitations to speak at conferences and conventions?
—I use several pseudonymns. How do I manage them all?
—What’s an ARC? A media kit? A book trailer? A blog tour?
—Do I really need to start a blog? Send out a newsletter? Dive into social media? Give away my books?
—How do I price my book? Should I pick one price or vary it? Where are the best places to advertise my sale events?
—How much is all of this going to cost me??

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the publication and promotion process, let award-winning, critically acclaimed author Kim Iverson Headlee give you the practical wisdom you need to stay on task and perhaps even come out ahead.

It releases November 14. Now it's available for preorder on the following sites:

-- Kindle (
-- Kobo (
-- Smashwords ( [EPUB only]
-- iBooks (
-- 24 Symbols (

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Which Route to Take to #Publishing? #authors

You look for an agents and/or publishers.

• Write a blurb. (A short description of the book.) Think about this as your elevator pitch or the first few lines of your query letter. You have 50 words or less to describe your book. This is a skill that takes time to develop. Look for help from writing groups, check out the back of your favorite books. Play around with what to say. Search the Internet for help – (“writing a blurb”).

• Write a query letter. (This is a letter to the publisher or agent you hope to sell or represent your book.)  Again, this is a skill that takes practice to develop. Get help from writer groups, books, friends, and the Internet – (Do an Internet search on “query letter”.)

• Make sure the book is ready for publication: well edited, no grammatical errors or holes in the story line. (This is where having a critique partner is very valuable or paying an editor to find your mistakes .)

• Formatting the file. (Check to make sure you have the file in the format the publisher or agent requests.) The font is usually, Time Roman or Courier News 12pt.  The line spacing is usually double spaced. The author’s name, book title, and page numbers are usually required on each page, but might differ with each publisher and agent. Check out the submission guidelines on their website to see how they want the manuscript formatted. (Do an Internet search on “publishing companies” or “literary agents”.)

• Remember when you sign with a publishing company, or an agent, you are entering into a legal and binding contract. Make sure you know your rights going into the contract and what it might take to get out of the contract. Think of it as a pre-nup. If you are unsure, seek legal counsel. (If you want more information, do an Internet search on “reviewing literary contract”.) There are people who will review a contract for you and advise you of any potential heart aches.

• Write a blurb. (A short description of the book.) Think of this as your pitch to potential readers of your book. You have 100 words or less to describe your book. This will be displayed on Amazon and other sites to help sell your book.

This is a skill that takes time to develop. Look for help from writing groups, check out the back of your favorite books to see how it is done. Play around with it, search the Internet for help. (Do an Internet search on “writing a book blurb”.)

• Make sure the book is ready for publication: well edited, no grammatical errors or holes in the story line. (This is where having a critique partner is very valuable. Also if you are looking at self-publishing this might be where you consider hiring a professional for help.) There are a number of companies and individuals out there that can help you.  Talk to other authors and ask for recommendations. Also if you are on social sites, seek out connections with people willing to help.

• Cover Art is the single most important marketing tool next to the quality of the book. If the company you plan to use does not provide cover art. Find a good cover artist to create your vision for the book.

• Formatting the file. (Each e-publishing company has their specific guidelines.) has a comprehensive free book that will take you through the various steps to prepare your file for publication.

• Choosing the company you want to publish your book. (E-book)

1.  Some of the companies will format your file and prepare your book for the different e-book readers (Nook, Kindle, iPad). They will charge you a percentage of your sales as payment or a flat rate. is a free site where you can sign up to publish your book or story. You will need to sign in and then fill out information about yourself. (You can do this as an author even if you don’t publish through them.)

You set the price and decide which distributors you want.  If you want you can opt out and publish directly with Amazon on your own. They also assign you an ISBN for free. (ISBN “International Standard Book Number” is a unique 13-digital numerical identifier given to your book that allows retailers to manage and track your book.)

2.  Amazon has detailed instructions on how to publish with them at  or download their book “Build Your Book for Kindle.” You will need to sign in and fill out information about yourself. Also you need to agree to their terms and sign up with the Author Central. (Note: this is separate site from their publishing site. It allows you to write a bio, collect your books in one place and send your RSS feed from your blog into the Amazon site.) (A RSS - “Really Simple Syndication” allows information to flow from one website to another automatically.)

• Choosing the company you want to publish your book. (Paper) Usually a company will do what is called “print on demand,” meaning they do not print the book until someone orders it from their site.

- This requires a number of things to consider. Look at what you are getting and what control you are giving up before making a decision. (Do an Internet search on “comparing self-publishing companies.”)

• Other informational sites that can help you make a decision on where to publish your book. (Search “self-publishing an e-book” on the Internet)  Again talk to other authors. They can tell you the companies they don’t like or have had problems with – Check RWA and EPIC for a list of approved publishers.)
As you can see some things are the same. I hope this helps you decide what you want to do.
Best of luck in your publishing endeavors,

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A #Romantic Collection From @Brenda_Novak, @debbiemacomber and Others for a #Diabetics Cure

I have to admit, I heard about this box set a few weeks ago when Brenda invited me to be in a blog tour. I had planned on waiting, but when I saw it on her twitter account I decide to do a little promotion before it became my turn to host it officially.

I like thousand of others have family members who have diabetes, so I'd like to see a cure too.

The limited edition digital boxed set titled is called ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. It is filled with delightful and romantic Christmas stories from myself and some of the biggest romance authors of our time, including New York Times Bestselling authors Debbie Macomber, Bella Andre, Melody Anne, Violet Duke, Marie Force, Heather Graham, Laurelin Paige & Kayti McGee, Jane Porter, Melanie Shawn and RaeAnne Thayne, with three extra stories from Scarlett York, Melinda Curtis and Anna J. Stewart.

All the proceeds will go to Boston University to help Dr. Ed Damiano (who also has a son with Type 1) finish engineering the artificial pancreas. Why is his work important? Because the artificial pancreas will go far toward helping insulin-dependent diabetics remain healthy until that elusive biological cure can be found. So, please, pre-order this boxed set today (which will be released October 25th here in the store, and on November 1st everywhere else and will only be available through December 31, 2016) and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You'll get many hours of enjoyable reading in exchange for a small donation that will help a lot of people.

“5-B POPPY LANE” by Debbie Macomber
Come visit with Helen Shelton, her granddaughter Ruth and Ruth’s husband, Paul. They’ll offer you a cup of mulled cider and the story of how they met—and they’ll share Helen’s breathtaking adventures during the Second World War.

For Mary Sullivan Christmas has always been about family. As she hangs her ornaments, she’s swept back to the first days of her whirlwind romance with her husband–and the love that would be the foundation on which they built their family.

Brayden Steele gave up his love of Christmas many years ago when he lost his mother and father in a car wreck. But just because he no longer believes in Santa Clause, doesn’t mean the magic has given up on him.

If anyone can make Drew Lawson believe in the magic of Christmas, it’s the mind-wreckingly beautiful Skylar Sullivan.  She’s the girl-next-door he’d classified as completely off-limits two years ago–and she’s standing on his doorstep on Christmas Eve.

On the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary, Big Mac and Linda McCarthy take a look back at how they came to be, while each of their children confront a new challenge in their own lives. Come to Gansett Island to celebrate the holidays and the anniversary of the island’s most loved couple!

“SPIRIT OF THE SEASON” by Heather Graham”
While struggling to raise her newly orphaned nephew, Davey, widow Becky Wexham must deal with the feelings she experiences when she once again comes into contact with Tim Yeagher, an old flame and Davey’s Little League coach.

“A DUNDEE CHRISTMAS” by Brenda Novak
Welcome to Dundee, Idaho, where the town is small but the hearts of the people living in it are large. A woman seeking refuge in an unfamiliar town during a snowstorm is taken in by a man who helps her discover a new sense of home. But Ken Holbrook provides more than safety and comfort because with him, she also finds love.

“UNMATCHABLE” by Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee
After Jane Osborne is unceremoniously dumped by a rich man, and then invited to his wedding, on (Christmas Eve no less), she decides to hire a date from Craigslist and pass him off as an upgrade.

When his goddaughter, Daisy, is orphaned, confirmed bachelor Cormac Sheenan adopts her. All goes well until Marietta’s seasonal Santa Claus promises his daughter a mommy for Christmas. Cormac is livid, until his old flame Whitney Alder comes back to town.…

For the movie star and the single mom, will a Christmas Wish become their new reality?

Widow and caterer Jenna Wheeler is determined to spin Christmas into the stuff of magic for her four children, even if that means helping out her new landlord, sexy billionaire Carson McRaven. At first, Carson wants nothing to do with Jenna, children or the holidays, but he has a little to learn about the spirit of Christmas.

Simon Castle’ s on his way to a make-or-break meeting unseasonably scheduled for December 25–until the gorgeous redhead subbing for his limo driver takes him on a detour.

Can carpenter Hamish MacFadden show free-spirit Essie Goodman how magical family–and Christmas–can be?

“CRUEL INTENTIONS” by Scarlett York
For fans of Pretty Little Liars…It’s hard to be a rhinestone in a diamond world…I was far from living the dream, but now I’m stuck in a nightmare. Torn from everything I knew, I’m trapped in a world full of lies, deceit….And murder. Merry Christmas to me.

Thanks Brenda for all you've have done to help others,


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Voice, Plot, #Romance - Want to Know More? #ASMSG #ebooks

I invite you to drop by my website to read the 1st chapter of any of my books.

Stormy (short hot story)

 photo TG-Stormy-432x648_zpsb47297d3.jpg

Or my paranormal series

Summer's GRowth photo TG-FT-SummersGrowth-300x450_zpsa3a6ebbb.jpg

Or my contemporary romance series with strong women fiction elements

 photo TG-EWC-MEWidow-432x648_zps2e99d362.jpg

or looking for a #free read

Find them all on my website,


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Start a New Series by @AuthorTinaGayle #MFRWHooks, #MFRWauthor, #99cents

Genre: Contemporary Romance with strong women fiction elements

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Marketing Exec’s Widow

Jennifer Larson, having lost her husband, friends and the perfect life she’d had plan, now faces the biggest challenge of her life, moving into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executive Wife Club is still wallowing in the past, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor, Hagan Chaney.

But does he really love her or her money?


“Lead the way, beautiful.” Hagan brushed his hand lightly across her back.

Hot tingles danced along her spine. Jen rushed forward. Whoa. As a new widow, she shouldn’t find the man attractive. Even if he was hot.

Drawing on her professional reserve, she stifled the urge to race up the stairs and slowed her pace. “I...uh...believe there are four rooms on the second level.”

The wood floor groaned under Hagan’s weight and his footsteps echoed through the empty house. “Any other houses in the area for sale?”

Reaching the landing, she sailed across and stopped by the first bedroom door. A brief glimpse revealed the same disappointing result as the space downstairs. “No, but there are a number of small towns nearby that might have what you’re looking for.”

An enticing male scent floated through the air, a second before a hand gripped the doorframe by her shoulder.

 Every female gene sprang to attention at his close proximity.

Desire poured through her, drenching her with emotions she hadn’t felt in months, hell, maybe even years. Her knees wobbled and she staggered into the doorframe, but remained standing.

Hagan peered over her shoulder and blocked her retreat. “Not bad, if I want to have another office suite up here. I can tear out this wall and make a larger lobby, or close off the doorway and create another entrance into the room.” He wandered to the next bedroom.

She gulped in a quick breath and air screamed back into her lungs. The residual scent of his citrusy cologne flowed in too and prompted her out-of-control hormones to form images of him: lying in bed, on top of her, his chest nestled against hers, his lips a breath away from…

Oh, my, a year without sex and I’m losing it.

Craig, why didn’t you divorce me before you died?

Jen gathered her strength and followed Hagan through the house. The easy flow of his long limbs showed incredible grace for a big man. So tempting, yet, she couldn’t pursue him. Not now, not with everyone watching her, they expected her to act like a grieving widow. If she didn’t, they’d forever brand her as an unloving wife.

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