Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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our highly anticipated new book, is finally on sale!
Our first book ever, You Are A Mogul, is finally available in bookstores nationwide as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
After reading the book from cover-to-cover, you will be able to pinpoint your passions, tap into your “why,” and forever trust your instincts. You will learn how to negotiate job promotions, secure and balance multiple career roles, hire and manage teams, and become a mogul yourself.
Have you had a chance to check out this life-changing book? If not, purchase it here today.

As the founder of Mogul--praised by Sheryl Sandberg as the #1 millennial platform--Tiffany Pham created a global technology and media empire by the age of 27. As living proof that the old rules of success no longer apply, Tiffany writes the new rules for following your passions and forging your own path in an age of disruption.
Traditionally, the word "mogul" has been attributed to men. But Tiffany Pham has redefined it--now, when you Google the word, the top search result is the company she founded: Mogul. The platform enables millions of women, across 196 countries, to connect, share information, and access knowledge.
So how did a young woman--who arrived in the United States without speaking a word of English--turn a dream of connecting women into a fulfilling career and highly profitable company that has changed so many lives?
Tiffany chronicles her path to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs of her generation, and offers specific, actionable advice that covers everything from overcoming self-doubt, to pursuing side-hustles, to crushing it at life and work by over-delivering, all while remaining your authentic self. You will learn how to negotiate job promotions, secure and balance multiple career roles, hire and manage teams, and become a mogul yourself. The book also features strategies and insights from ten of the most powerful moguls worldwide, including Nina Garcia, Star Jones, and Rebecca Minkoff.
You Are A Mogul addresses the new reality that few of us will work for one company for our entire career and that there is no one straightforward formula for a "good life"--personally or professionally. To succeed, we have to be agile, flexible, and strategic. You Are A Mogul is an indispensable road map to the kind of life and career that is demanding and challenging--but also exciting and full of opportunities, if you know where to look.
300 West 57th Street, 40th floorNew YorkNY 10023

Friday, September 21, 2018

Ladies Honor Lost Competitor at the #Symetra Tour in #Mongomery #Alabama @Road2LPGA

The Guardian Championship for the Symetra tour is going on this weekend September 20 - 23.

The tournament is being held at the Robert Trent Jones Capital Hill course in Montgomery, Alabama. The 120 players will compete for a purse of $160,000. The winner will win $24,000.  The championship is one of the qualifying tours for the LPGA.
A free event for everyone. It's a great way to follow these incredible athletes. Their golf game is something I can only dream about.

This year started off with a sad note with the death of Celia Barquin Arozamena, who was killed on an Iowa golf course while playing alone. To remember their friend and competitor, players wore Iowa State Caps during their rounds.

For more pictures from the tournament, check out my youtube channel.

Guardian Championship Symetra Tour https://youtu.be/TFJalO7PsLY 

Best of luck to all these wonderful ladies,


Monday, September 3, 2018

A #CoonHound Resting Place - Labor Day Celebration #Dog #MemoriesMonday

Traveling off the beaten path in northern Alabama near Florence, I discovered a Coon Dog Cemetery and had to stop by for a visit. This unique place was created Sept. 4, 1937 after Key Underwood's legendary coonhound died. Choosing a spot in a popular hunting camp where hunters gather to plan their trips, Key decided his beloved dog Troop would enjoy having his final resting place in this special place.

From this act of love the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard was born. Other hunters soon decided to do the same, creating a one of kind place for both hunters and their devoted friends.

Check out more about the place at  http://coondogcemetery.com/index.html

To commemorate the beginning of this special place, every year on Labor Day, the cemetery hold a special event where there is music, dancing, food and liar's contest.

As only coon dogs are

For those of you who might know more about this than I do, I have a question.  Why do people leave coins and what-nots on Troop's headstone.

If you'd like to see more pictures visit my youtube video.


Have a wonderful Labor Day,


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Editing Pacing - Too Fast ... Too Slow... Just Right

For years, I read about pacing, how to make your story come alive by increase the readability of my work.

Shorter sentences and smaller words takes the reader less time to read so the intensity is increased. The problem is to not only learn how to make this happen but to do it in such a way the reader enjoys the ride.

One of the tools I use to help me is "words" readability scale. After doing a spell check, a screen pops up that gives you information about whether or not the writing is easy to read.

Sentence Complexity/Words per sentence(avg.) gives you the length of the sentence. The lower the number, the easier the writing is to read.

"The judgmental narrator subposition infuriated the commando."

Seven words it should be easy.


The words you use can make a story difficult to read too.

This is where Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid level can help. These two number can help you see how easy what you've written can be understood.

Learning to use this can help you understand where you maybe losing your readers.

Also, there is a free software program that you can use that gives you a lot of information about your writing.

Try it out at

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