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#Contest for New #Authors with Big Rewards @inkitt

Have you written an amazing story and looking to get it published?

Then this #free contest might be the perfect opportunity for you to get a publishing contract.

Inkitt is running a contest for authors where they upload their book and get readers to rate them.

Readers are asked to read and judge your story. They help decide the winners.

So even if you aren't interested in entering your book in the contest you can go check out some great books.  With a number of different genre to choose from, you are sure to find something to interest you.

Drop by and give it a look.

Also, if you have a social media question stop by the special social media group and asked.

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Character Interview from Deadly Alliance by @RowlandKathleen #RomanticSuspense #Mystery


Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, walked on the wild side in Iraq, but now he lives in the shadows. After his evasive partner, Les, was shot in a random drive-by, Finn discovers cash is siphoned monthly. He fights to keep his investment company afloat. When the late partner’s girlfriend, Amy Kintyre, applies for his bookkeeping job, Finn suspects she knows about his company drain and hires her.

Amy needs a nine-to-five with free evenings and weekends to get her fashion design business back on track. She unearths Les’ s secret bank account and alerts Finn. Freezing of the money laundering account sets off havoc within an Irish gang. Amy witnesses a gang fight between a brutal ISIS fundraising organization and the Irish. Desperate to escape a stalker’s crosshairs, she seeks refuge with Finn. As danger heats up, sparks fly hotter.

Interview—Finn and Amy


Let’s interview the hero of Deadly Alliance,  Finbar Donahue.

1. Nickname:  Finn. My full name is Finbar Michael Donahue.

2. Job: I own my own investment company, but who’s the chickenshit stealing money from me?  My goal is to find the thief.

3. Level of schooling:  B.A. in finance, former Army Ranger. That was when I targeted a known enemy.  Believe me, it’s harder now.

I’ve got a few questions for the heroine, Amy Kintyre.

  1. What’s your dream job? I want to get my sportswear design business back on track.  A buyer phoned me, and I have an opportunity to present my line.  I need a nine-to-five with evenings and weekends off to sew. 
  2. Is that why you applied for Finbar Donahue’s bookkeeping job?  Yes.  Probably is that I found a mysterious bank account belonging to my late boyfriend, Les.  He and Finn were partners.
  3. Would you enjoy working for Finn?  No, but there aren’t many job openings in Lake Arrowhead.


Short excerpt-- Amy’s first day working for Finn

Hours later, Finn straightened his spine as he listened to his new bookkeeper order Rosenberg around with the authority of an Army lieutenant. She spoke with confidence from her chair and waited for answers with intensity. Somehow she came across larger than her delicate self.

“Brad,” his pretty war buddy said, “I’ll need your password to access activity-to-date.” Her attitude wasn’t for show. Her curiosity propelled her to the depths of the drain. Heaven help those who lurked there.

“Sure thing.” Brad blew out a breath and scribbled his password on a sticky note. Handing it to her, he bent to her level.

She said, “I apologize for causing chaos.”

“No apology necessary.” Brad asked, “What are you working on?”

Jumping in, Finn said, “Comparisons, Rosenberg, that’s what she’s working on.” Unholy as she’d undoubtedly turn out to be, at the moment they were forged in combat. “Give her your full support.”

“Absolutely. Consider me your scaffold,” Rosenberg said, accepting his fate. “Excuse me, won’t you? I’m running payroll.”

Finn liked his head accountant. He was solid. Dependable. Not creative, but his easy-going manner was soothing. “Payroll. You’re a masochist.”

Amy smiled, and her crystal-green gaze sought his. She found his comment amusing. Her professional attire included a gray satin blouse tucked into a herringbone skirt. When she moved, her layered, dark-blonde hair settled into a sleek flip over her shoulders.

Amy’s bending and reaching, as she took control of her four-by-four cubicle, was damn compelling. She found a rhythm with a handy notepad beside her computer. Using Brad’s password, she turned sideways to open files. Attractive summed up her symmetrical profile and creamy complexion.

For a long while, getting hot and heavy had not been on his mind. Her envelope gave him concrete evidence to bring to the sheriff and eased his tension. As she brushed tresses off her face, he wanted to nibble on her ear.

Amy packed her lithe frame with succulent curves. He enjoyed observing her ample bust which required high-performance support. He’d like to see those globes running free. He’d never considered her as dating material. Timing was off. When she started dating Les, he was hooking up with Miss California. Now it was too late. She worked for him. Hands off. Finn liked women—lots of women, all women, in all shapes and sizes and ethnicities as long as they met the enthusiasm requirement. He hadn’t tested this, but she was off-limits for another reason. He didn’t intend to put her through another relationship leading to nowhere.

Finn kept things loose. A woman in his bed but not in his life was what he often said. There hadn’t been that either.  Why was she looking at him like that?


Purchase links for Deadly Alliance:

Amazon UK


Amazon US



Bio and author links:

Bio and Links—Kathleen Rowland

Book Buyers Best finalist Kathleen Rowland is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes suspense with a sizzling love story sure to melt their hearts.  Kathleen used to write computer programs but now writes novels.   She grew up in Iowa where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and raced her sailboat on Lake Okoboji.  Now she wears flip-flops and sails with her husband, Gerry, on Newport Harbor but wishes there were lightning bugs in California.

Kathleen exists happily with her witty CPA husband, Gerry, in their 70’s poolside retreat in Southern California where she adores time spent with visiting grandchildren, dogs, one bunny, and noisy neighbors.  While proud of their five children who’ve flown the coop, she appreciates the luxury of time to write while listening to demanding character voices in her head.

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Elizabeth Harmon Shares a #RomanticIdea and #Excerpt from Getting It Back #Romance

Romantic Idea

Go ice skating!
Yep, even in the summer. If you’re lucky enough to have a rink nearby, it’s a great way to cool off on a sweltering summer night.  


In this second-chance romance, a former top men's figure skating champion is willing to risk everything for a comeback--except a new start with his long lost love.

An unexpected phone call from the man who broke her heart offers Amy Shepherd an opportunity to return to the work she loves, training elite figure skaters. Except it’s just one figure skater: Him. Can she finally forgive and forget? 

Figure skater Mikhail “Misha” Zaikov once had it all: medals, money and the adoration of millions. But a devastating injury put an end to his career and his romance, leaving him with nothing but regret over what could have been. His last chance to re-join the world’s top skaters is now. And there’s only one person who can help him: Her. 

On Russia’s unyielding ice, Misha must reclaim what he's lost while facing off against a talented young rival and risking further injury. But Amy soon discovers Misha's much bigger challenges lurk off the ice. And she's determined to keep Misha whole and healthy, even if doing so ends his shot at the gold. 

Don't miss any of Elizabeth Harmon's Red Hot Russians. Pairing Off and Turning it On are available now!

The next morning, Amy awoke first. Misha lay beside her in bed, still sleeping. He’d brought over clothes last night. His toothbrush was in the bathroom cabinet. This was just like back in Ohio, only better. Misha was no longer searching for direction. He knew what he wanted, and they were working together to help him achieve it. But she couldn’t deny that she was nervous about what would happen today, when he returned to training on the ice.
            She got out of bed, and changed into her running clothes, put coffee on, then returned to wake Misha. “Hey,” she sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook his shoulder. “Time for our run.”
            Nyet,” he said in a sleepy voice, and reached for her.
            “You agreed to it last night. Nothing too strenuous, just enough to get your heart pumping and muscles working.”
            “Don’t need running to make my heart pump,” he pulled her down onto the bed, cupping her butt through her black running tights. “As for muscles…maybe we can stay in and work this big stiff one?”
            She laughed and squirmed away. “Nice try, but that muscle’s getting plenty of exercise. Rise and shine, big guy.”
            She threw back the blankets, leaving him no choice but to fumble around for his pants. She waited outside and he joined her a few minutes later. They took off at an easy pace, following the path behind the center’s main buildings, then out around the pond and back. Nothing too strenuous, just as she’d promised. Their lungs filled with clean fresh air, the morning mist was cool on their skin. They returned to the guesthouse and she bent over her knees, breathing out cold air. Misha did the same. He straightened easily. “How is your back,” she said.
            “Perfect. No pain at all.”
            “And the rest of you? Knees? Head?”
            “Knees are fine, and my head is in good place, too. Thanks to you, Amy the tiger.”
            She grinned, and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. “Ready to get back on the ice?”
            “Can’t wait,” he said decisively.
             “You’re going to be great.”
            He brushed a kiss across her lips. “For you, I will be.”

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble

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Carina Press

Author Links:


Elizabeth Harmon loves to read and write romances with a dash of different.
A graduate of the University of Illinois, she has worked in advertising, community journalism and as a freelance magazine writer. She feels incredibly blessed to have a career that allows her to spend her days imagining “what if?” and a loving family that keeps her grounded in the real world.  Her debut novel, Pairing Off is a 2016 RITA Award Finalist.
An adventurous cook, vintage home enthusiast, occasional actress, and entry-level figure skater, Elizabeth makes her home in the Midwest.

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#RomanticIdea by @BarbaraWDaille and #Excerpt from Cowboy in Charge

Summer #RomanticIdea –Tina Gayle blog - Barbara White Daille CIC 7-19-16

Tina – thank you so much for hosting me at your blog today.

And Readers - thank you for stopping by to visit.

I’m especially honored to be here because Tina is the originator of this Summer #RomanticIdea event!   

Here’s my suggestion for a romantic idea to enjoy:

As I love chocolate, any idea that involves the sweet treat is something I can really get behind. J My recommendation is to buy a box of your significant other’s favorite chocolate (or other candy) and present it to him or her along with the following plan: you each eat one piece of chocolate and then, to work off the calories, take a walk in the park. Do this on a romantic moonlit night, and you never know what might happen!

Excerpt from Cowboy in Charge

Jason and Layne’s reunion is as rocky as their past relationship. Though this snippet from their story doesn’t include chocolate, from their perspective, it’s definitely both sweet and bittersweet…

She stopped beside the truck and waited for him to unlock the passenger door. He kept his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Her heart started to thump.

“You still fit up against me,” he said, “as if we were two puzzle pieces linked together.”

“We’re a puzzle, all right,” she murmured.

He moved to stand in front of her. He reached for the lapels of her jacket, holding them closed, protecting her from the breeze. “I always did enjoy a good puzzle.” He tugged gently, bringing her a shade closer as he dipped his head.

His mouth was cold from the air around them, minty from the plastic-wrapped candy he’d taken from the dish beside the cash register. She wondered if he’d done that deliberately, taken the mint with the knowledge he intended to kiss her. The thought that he might have wanted…might have planned…might have looked forward to just this moment sent a pleasurable thrill racing through her.

“Still cold?” he murmured against her mouth. He slid both arms around her, holding her against him, warming every inch of her, outside and in.

They stood in the parking lot, in public, in view of her friends, the way they had done all over town during their dating days, and somehow she didn’t care. She let him kiss her, and she kissed him, too.

And she wished they could go back to those days and start all over again.

From the cover of Cowboy in Charge, July 2016


Single mom Layne Slater thought she'd seen the last of Jason McAndry when he chose the rodeo over her and their unborn son. Now Jason's back in Cowboy Creek and just as handsome as ever. But Layne can't give in to those feelings again. She has to protect her children…and her heart.

Jason wants to try to make up for the pain he caused when he left. The least he can do is help Layne while he's home. Before long, Jason realizes he's finally ready to be the husband, father and man his family deserves. But can Jason prove to Layne that this time, their love is forever?

Find the book:


Barnes & Noble





About the Author:

Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom.

Cowboy in Charge, the latest book in The Hitching Post Hotel series, is a brand-new release! Other books in the series will follow. A larger print reissue of A Rancher’s Pride, book one in Barbara’s popular Flagman’s Folly series, is now available exclusively from Harlequin, while the e-book version is available everywhere. And at the end of 2016, she begins a new sweet romance series for Entangled Bliss.

You can find more info about Barbara and her books at the following locations:

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#RomanticIdea Taken by Twin Doms by Kryssie Fortune #BDSM

#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange

Plan a picnic. Prepare your usual array of finger food and chill a bottle of wine. Then spread a picnic blanket by the fire, put on some romantic music, light candles, and stay in. Cuddle up and feed each other food and wine.

Or you could always book into a pleasure hotel.

“What the hell’s that?” I hear you say.

My heroine Molly certainly did in my book, Taken By Twin Doms. Right after her Cousin Angela tricked her into visiting one


One repressed heroine, twin Doms with sex toys, and a relationship based on a lie.

Too scared to step out of her comfort zone, Molly dreams of submitting to a powerful man’s will. When her cousin tricks her into visiting the Pearson twins’ Pleasure Hotel, she realizes she could play out her fantasies. Despite the sexual games going on around her, she still refuses to accept her sensual nature.

Steve and Brett Pearson want a sub with fire in her soul. Deceived by Molly’s cousin, they believe Molly craves a kidnap and interrogation scene where two men torment her with sex toys before taking her to sexual heights. They’ll stop the instant she says the safe word. As their reluctant prisoner, she has no idea what the safe word is.

After the way Molly responded to their dominance, the Pearson twins want to know her better. Can they win her heart after they’ve bound her, blindfolded her, and forced their BDSM games on her?

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of forced seduction, twin Doms with sex toys, and a repressed heroine who was born to be wild.

Buy Links

All Romance               

Amazon US                 

Amazon UK                 

Amazon AU                 

Luminosity Publishing

Excerpt from Taken By Twin Doms

Sat at the wheel of the self-drive minibus the girls had hired, Angela tossed her scarlet-dyed hair back over her shoulder. “It’s a place to get laid. You didn’t think I’d spend my hen night running around with L-plates stuck to my chest and a pink veil over my hair, did you?”

Molly didn’t admit it, but she’d expected just that, along with raucous laughter and too much booze. She’d worn old jeans and sneakers. That way, if someone threw up on her, they only ruined stuff that didn’t matter. She knew that with her skinny hips and bitty breasts, she looked younger than her twenty-three years, but she never wasted much time on her appearance. She wasn’t even sure she could glam it up when she dressed for dinner.

She tugged on her blonde ponytail, a nervous habit she couldn’t break, and blinked hard. Spending the weekend in a pleasure hotel hadn’t figured on her to-do list. She wasn’t a virgin, but she didn’t share Angela’s anything-goes attitude to sex. Her cousin enjoyed an alternate lifestyle where everyone came in shades of submissive or dominant. In Angela’s world, people enjoyed giving or receiving pain while they played out sexual fantasies. Molly sometimes dreamed of giving herself into a Dom’s care, but at university and later work, men came on an equal footing.

Having a man dominate her sounded … exciting and dangerous, especially if he tied her up first. The more she thought about it, the more her nipples hardened. Embarrassingly, her pussy creamed. If this whole pleasure hotel thing didn’t feel so forced she might have been tempted out of her comfort zone. “What if I don’t want to get laid?”

One of the women crammed alongside her in the back of their hired minibus laughed. The sound made Molly think of a hyena closing in for the kill. Another passenger—Susan, possibly—stared at her, all cold eyes and prim lips. She jerked her thumb toward the rear window. “Town’s about fifteen miles that way. You’d better get walking.”

Molly considered it, but an all-night trek through the woods didn’t appeal one bit. “Bringing me here’s baloney. I’m not into all that stuff the rest of you get up to. At the very least, some warning would have been good.”

She’d stay, but if any would-be Doms sniffed around her, she’d dig her heels in and say, “Not interested.”

Angela laughed. “I never expected you to turn up anyway. This place has been the talk of our BDSM club for months, so we thought we’d give it a go.”

Molly stared out at the manicured grounds. This place looked like it belonged in a Jane Austin novel. Her mother had probably thought she’d treated Molly and her cousin to a rarified country retreat. If she’d known this was some upmarket cathouse or such, she’d have been horrified—not to mention furious. As for Molly, she’d been so unwilling to attend her cousin’s weekend, she’d not even checked out the place online. For a Math’s graduate and part qualified accountant, she felt dumb.

Susan’s smile held all the enthusiasm Molly’s lacked. “The owners, the Pearson twins, are legendary Doms, but recently they’ve spent more time running BDSM training sessions than they have taking part in scenes.

Molly sat up straighter. When she’d started university, she’d had a monster crush on the twins in the year above, and their surname had been Pearson. Only they’d been cool dudes who wrote computer programs and flirted with every pretty girl that came their way. They’d never have spared a geeky Math’s student like her a second glance. Not that she’d ever plucked up the courage to speak to them. They’d been her secret obsession and even now, two years after her graduation, they fueled her fantasies.

Angela’s eyes narrowed. “Like me, the girls from the club sent their Doms on ahead to work out the finer details with Brett and Steve Pearson. For us, tonight’s going to be amazing. You’ll just have to hope one of the house Doms takes pity on you. Maybe they’ll teach you a few BDSM basics.”

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Paws and Claws Volume 4 #Paranormal #Boxset

99c Paws & Claws Volume 4

This 14 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle brings you all the sexy, hot shifters you could ever want. From highland wolves to mountain bears and medieval dragons, you get a plethora of shapeshifting hotties. Enjoy a myriad of paranormal pleasure at your fingertips in this giant collection! 

Fourteen of the genre’s hottest authors will take you on a wild, passionate ride wherebig, brawny alphas seek their feisty, fated mates. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab this limited-time bundle, bursting at the seams with shifters guaranteed to make you swoon!



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#RomanticIdea with @KetaDiablo and Season, Unforgettable #newadult #contemporary

#RomanticIdea – Season, Unforgettable #newadult #contemporary


Book – Season, Unforgettable

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Tagline: Someone wants Season’s land. And they’ll do anything to get it. Even murder.



  • Nominated for a Rone Award
  • Finalist Independent Author Network Best Book

Season Scrimshaw isn't selling the land her parents left her when they died, not even to the gorgeous Rann Brogan who saved her life in the forest. Especially not after she finds out he was in the woods to survey her property.

The company Rann works for, his mother's company, wants the land for a luxury condo development and they want it bad. He never dreamed they'd go to such extreme lengths to get it.

Lives spiral out of control, lies and betrayal play center stage. Caught in the middle between his rich and powerful mother and the woman he loves, Rann discovers love is complicated...and sometimes lethal.

A stand-alone contemporary romance with elements of suspense.



Looking at the road Season traveled, a sense of the unfamiliar hit her. Holy crap! This isn’t right. Don’t panic, take a deep breath. You’re not on Mars, at least I don’t think they have red barns and silos on Mars.


Cows grazed in the pastures, a black crow or two crossed the sky. She realized she must have made a wrong turn leaving the 7-Eleven. Was she supposed to go right to get back onto the Interstate or left? She’d have to backtrack and that shouldn’t be a problem since she couldn’t have traveled more than four miles. The gravel road didn’t want to cooperate with her plan. The straight path she’d been on had now turned into a bend, an elongated curve with no end in sight. Still no reason to panic. Hey, if it is a never-ending bend I’ll end up back at the little store.


About to reach for her cell in the passenger seat, she checked her rearview mirror first. A cloud of dust had formed behind her car, a whirling dervish that screeched fast and furious. If it didn’t slow down, and there wasn’t a lane on either side to pass her, how would it navigate around her?


Kaboom! The car slammed into her tailgate. Her neck whipped forward and then back again. Full-blown terror snaked down her spine. The car hadn’t stopped; it was still swerving and swaying behind her. She didn’t dare pull over. This was no accident but an intentional act. She wracked her brain. Had she pulled out in front of someone unknowingly? What about the clerk at the store? God, she couldn’t even remember what he looked like. Had he followed her?


Kaboom! A scream seized her throat. The Denali veered to the right. Tires squealed, hers or the other vehicle’s she didn’t know. Curve eternal still loomed ahead with no driveways or turnarounds in sight. Frantic now, she searched the seat for her phone. Her hand met flat leather. It must have fallen during the last ram.


With one eye on the gravel road, one in the rearview mirror, a beam of sunlight illuminated the maniac’s car. Spiders crawled over her skin. Silver SUV? No, it can’t be! An engine roared and then brakes squealed. She clung to the steering wheel and prayed.


Bam! The Denali screamed its outrage or was it the sound of broken glass? A steep bank ahead flashed in her line of vision. Dear God, help me! Oh no, oh, no! Like a spinning top, the Denali flipped, ass over tea kettle. Immense pain shot through her body. Something warm and sticky ran down her face. Why hadn’t the air bag deployed? Her vision faded in and out, and she couldn’t form a rational thought. Oh, Pearl, we’re dying. Duna! Oh, my God, Duna, I-I shouldn’t have listened to you this time, should have followed my aura meter.

Lying snake. 

Complete, utter darkness engulfed her.


Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the United States on six acres of woodland. When she isn't writing or gardening she loves to commune with nature. She adores animals and donates her time and support to local food and animal shelters.

Keta is a multi-published author in contemporary romance, erotic romance and gay fiction. She's also an Amazon best-selling author. Her erotica novel Decadent Deceptions was a finalist in the MOLLY contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America and was nominated for a Red Carpet Award in 2014. Her paranormal novel Meko’s Woman was nominated for a Bookie Award by Authors After Dark and her historical novel Sky Tinted Water was nominated for a RONE Award by Ind’Tale Magazine. Her latest contemporary romance novel, Season, Unforgettable, was a finalist in the romance category sponsored by Independent Author Network Book Awards for 2015.


Keta's books have received numerous Top Pick, Book of the Month, and Recommended Read awards from top professional review sites.



Download Season, Unforgettable

Follow Keta on the Net:




When summer comes to the Midwest, we think lakes!

One way I love to pass a sunny afternoon is to pack a picnic lunch and head for the water on a Pontoon boat. What could be more romantic than spending a lazy day cruising the lake? The crappies are biting, the sun’s sharing its awesome warmth and the cooler is filled with our favorite beverages.

This is also a great time to catch up on my reading (a romance novel, of course). As the sun sets, we head on over to one of the many restaurants on the lake and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Now this is my idea of Romance!

Happy sailing and happy reading! ~ Keta ~

Thanks for sharing, Keta,