Saturday, June 30, 2007

Power Flowing Through the Universe

Tap into the energy flowing around you. The other day I was watching the Kentucky derby. I could feel the energy from the jockey that won the race. He was excited, smiling and alive with energy. People stopped him giving him hugs, shaking his hand, hitting him on the back. The whole world watched his dream come true. We shared his joy, his excitement, his victory. I can’t tell you how this touched my heart. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the rapture on this man’s face.

"Tina, are you crazy?"

"Yes, I have been told that before."

But can’t you see how one man’s joy can elevate all of us. This power can be use to help you reach your dream. If you’re excited about something, passionate to make it happen, the people around you feel it. Some might resent it, but most want to be a part of it. The emotional charge a person gets from this type of dream realizing victory is contagious. It lifts us all to a better place.

By tapping into the incredible energy of happy events, we can gather the energy we need to realize our own dreams.

Homework: look for happy people, exciting events and joyous things in your life every day.

"Tina, you have rose colored glasses. These things don’t happen every day."

"Wrong, my dog gets excited every time I play with her. My husband tells me he loves me every day. (but then he is a saint). I see the miracle of my children growing up around me. Every little thing counts."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Send Out Love

This is a test, a simple little test that doesn’t cost you a dime, or maybe with rising inflation a dollar.

The thoughts we have every moment of the day has a vibration. Others can pick up these vibrations and know how we’re feeling, our moods, that something is not right, or that things are going great in our world.

So why not use that magnetic power to add to the level of love flowing through the world.

It’s simple.

Next time you see some one, friend, stranger, co-worker send some love and good will toward them. A quick thought of:

"I hope John has a great day. He’s a nice guy and always makes me smile."

"That lady look sad, I wish something wonderful would happens to her to bright her day."

"Oh, what a cute couple, may they always be so happy together."

You’ll find when your send out love to other is this silent way, some of it will bounce back your way.

Homework: Send out thoughts of love and good will to ten people today. You might be surprise to get a few smiles of thanks from them.