Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Send Out Love

This is a test, a simple little test that doesn’t cost you a dime, or maybe with rising inflation a dollar.

The thoughts we have every moment of the day has a vibration. Others can pick up these vibrations and know how we’re feeling, our moods, that something is not right, or that things are going great in our world.

So why not use that magnetic power to add to the level of love flowing through the world.

It’s simple.

Next time you see some one, friend, stranger, co-worker send some love and good will toward them. A quick thought of:

"I hope John has a great day. He’s a nice guy and always makes me smile."

"That lady look sad, I wish something wonderful would happens to her to bright her day."

"Oh, what a cute couple, may they always be so happy together."

You’ll find when your send out love to other is this silent way, some of it will bounce back your way.

Homework: Send out thoughts of love and good will to ten people today. You might be surprise to get a few smiles of thanks from them.

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