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Where are You in the Process of Writing Your Book? #MFRWauthor

Every author needs to think about where they are in the journey to getting their book published.

Some like to enjoy the writing process without thinking about the venture ahead.

Others have already jumped into the pool of getting their name out to the world.

Now on sale for 99cents
Where are you?

* Are you writing the book? – There are steps you can take right now to get your name out there. (They are listed here but I will cover them in more detail below.) The world can learn about you right now– therefore making it easier when you release your book.

• Set up a blog

• Get your website domain name and set up your website.

• Join writing groups.

• Join social networking sites.

* The book is written and you’re ready to roll. Fork in the Road Already – Understand the benefits and drawbacks of choosing to either follow the traditional route or self-publishing road. (Special note – promoting yourself as an author and your book is still your responsibility no matter which option you chose.)

This is no easy decision and an author should check into both before making a decision.

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Book Hook with #MFRWauthor Where Do #Authors Find #Inspiration?

Each writer is different in how they develop their story. Some find inspiration in their own struggles or in the heartaches of friends and family.

Here is a list of ideas of how to spark a new idea for a story.

  • talk to people and hear their stories. As Mark Twain said everyone has a story. An author can use bit and pieces of stories they have heard to create the back story for a character.
  • Watch television - the stories are endless but they may not be exactly what an author is looking for but can be a guideline as to what certain age groups are looking for in their entertainment needs.
  • Sports - if an author is looking to create a story about a certain sports group this might be an area to look into.
  • Research history - a historical writer might do research on a certain character in history and find a story to weave about the same time period.
  • The news - this is real people facing real problems. What better way to discover an interesting story.
  •  Travel - visiting new places can spark ideas about different places and cultures that might help create a new world in which a character can live.
As you can see ideas and inspiration for authors can come from a number of places.

For me, I enjoy sitting down and seeing my characters in different scenes in my head.

  • How do they react?
  • What are they feeling?
  • What is happen and what do I want to happen?
  • Is this an interesting scene or do I find myself getting bored?
  • Where is the scene? Should I change the location to up the tension?
  • Who else is in the scene?
Each scene can have a number of variables, playing with these can add to the story and create a great read.

Below are other authors in the #MFRWauthor group, check out there stories  or share what inspires you as an author to write. Just leave a comment and share your latest, release.


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Joining Cyber World - A World of Opportunities for Authors #SocialMedia #OrganicGrowth #PMInc

Are you social?
Do you as an author want to meet people?
Or do you prefer to just write?

Unfortunately, as an author, you have to get out and let the world know not only about your book but about you as an author.

For this reason, a new author needed to get their name out into cyber world.

The list is a little daunting when you first look at all the sites there are to join.

Google +

I could go on and on, but I guess what I'm trying to say here is that a new author doesn't have to join them all at once.

Join one, and get to know what they enjoy about the site then join the next one.

Also, some of the sites above allow you to feed your blog into your page. This make it look like you are on the site maybe more than you are.

Here are mine,

Home -

Blog -

Twitter -!/AuthorTinaGayle

Goodread -

Facebook -

Google + -

Linkin -

Feel free to follow or befriend me and let me know so I can do the same for you.

Enjoy the journey and get to know some people along the way,


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Come See Book Hooks #Excerpt From #MFRWauthor #romance

This week My Book Hook comes from 

The Executive Wives' Club Series

2nd book in the Executives Wives' Club Series

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids.

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?


A tall silhouette stood behind the glass panels framing the door. She paused, her hand resting on the doorknob. “Who is it?”

“Brie, it’s me, Jason. Is everything okay?”

Wonderful, he wouldn’t stay long, not after everything that had happen during Isabella’s birth.  Then again, could she blame him? She had clung to him as if he were a life line, becoming upset if he even stepped away from the hospital bed.

A little voice sounded in her head. Don’t invite him in.

She nodded her agreement. He didn’t need to see the dirty dishes in the sink or the half-folded laundry in the living room or that she hadn’t vacuumed in more than a week. She brushed back her hair and then flipped the deadbolt.

Inching the door open, she peeked through the crack at the son of one of the executives’ wives. Marianne had requested her son help Brie, just handle a few small jobs around the house so she wouldn’t have to. Thankfully, Jason had agreed. Now, he seemed to arrive whenever she needed help.

The chilly night air touched her cheek. Afraid he’d see her tears, she brushed her hands quickly over her face and rushed through her greeting. “Hey, Jason, we’re all fine, so you can just head on home.”

“I’m in no hurry.” He edged forward, his hand resting on the door. The gap widened. “I had a job at a house down the street. They needed a toilet reseated. Only took a few minutes, so I decided to stop by on the way home and see how you were doing.”

Brie blocked the door from swinging open any further. She struggled for a way to deny him entrance. His mother was one of her best friends. He coached her son’s little league baseball team, and had stood beside her during the birth of her daughter.

“Jason, it’s really not a good time. The house is a mess. The kids are in bed and well...” Her cordial manners sent a bullet of guilt through her for being so impolite. She edged back a step. The crack grew wider. “If you want to come inside, I guess I can rustle you up something to eat.”

Yes, food, the ever-ready gift of peace.

She’d hide in the kitchen, while he rested in one of the recliners in the living room. Then once she had everything ready, he’d eat, leave, end of story. He’d head home, and all would be right with the world. She frowned as he stepped across the threshold, but did she really want to cook?

Purchase ebook at: 

Free with Kindle Unlimited  At Amazon (worldwide link)

Hope you love this book as much as I do,


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Let's Talk about How to Pin a Post #Marketing, #twitter, #ASMSG

Pinning a post to your profile page to me is the single most important way to get retweets.

Why? Because when people go to your profile page, it gives them something to retweet. They don't have to make anything up and it shows their support.

Now to pin a tweet to your profile page-

1. Create a tweet and hit enter.

2. Find it in your stream and click on the ...(three dots in the corner of the post) Sometimes this is in the far right bottom corner, sometimes in the far left bottom corner. Click on it an a list of options will appear.

The one second from the bottom is Pin to Profile Page.

Click on that option and another screen will come up asking if you are sure you want to pin to your profile page.

Click yes.

Then at the top of the screen will come up a message asking if you want to view your page.

Click yes or refresh screen.

You will now see the tweet you created at the top of your profile page. From now on, it will stay at the top of your profile page until you change it.

The numbers under the post will tell you the number of people who have retweeted the post.

I personally, change this out often, but it is up to you how often you want to change your top post.

I'm also working with PMInc. on a presentation for the #RWA Emerald City conference so you might want to check out the blog there to learn more marketing tips. 

Hope this helps you get more tweets,


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Some #AuthorLove for @JeanneStJames and A Daring Desire an #eroticromance, #Menage

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a best-selling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at or sign up for her newsletter:

Find Jeanne here:

A Daring Desire
The Dare Ménage Series, book 4
By Jeanne St. James


Take two defense attorneys, add one troubled NFL QB who needs them, and what do you get? A threesome of hot, sexy conflict.

Gryff Ward made a serious mistake when he hired the hot-as-hell defense attorney Rayne Jordan as an associate in his high-profile legal firm, even though she’s one of the best. Now he’s struggling to keep it professional, especially when she insists on calling him “Boss.”

Rayne’s been attracted to the firm's top attorney ever since her interview. And she’s well aware that calling the conservative man “Boss” drives him crazy…in a very good way.

Add Trey Holloway, their newest client, a troubled NFL quarterback, into the mix. Tension arises when it’s clear that both Gryff and Trey want Rayne and Gryff is willing to fight for her. However, Trey doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Gryff too.

Now Gryff’s having a hard time fighting not only his attraction to Rayne but to another man. Even though he stubbornly refuses to admit his deepest, darkest desires.
Then Rayne takes control. She’s determined to have them both in not only her bed but her life, and she won’t give up until she does.

Note: This book in the series can be read as standalone. It includes an HEA ending. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes explicit sexual scenes between all three characters.


Trey knew this might be a bad idea.
A really bad one.
But, he figured it could be worth the risk. Though, last time he was in a bar thinking he would get lucky, he got arrested and then suspended from the team, instead.
And now he was down five hundred grand.
Five. Hundred. Fucking. Grand.
He figured he had two good reasons to cough up that much scratch. One, his career might come to a screeching halt if he didn’t, and two, he needed to hire the best to represent him, who, with any luck, would get his charges dismissed instead of going through a lengthy legal process. Because if they weren’t, it would delay him getting back on the team. And a loss of possibly getting a Super Bowl ring.
He fucking wanted that ring. He could taste it.
Grae Ward said his brother was the best. However, Trey didn’t fork out those ridiculous funds simply because of Gryff and Rayne’s reputation. Though, once he met both of them he knew he wanted no one else.
He wasn’t just talking representation in a court of law. He was talking about his bed. Though, he couldn’t figure out who he wanted more. The hot male attorney with an ass that wouldn’t quit. Or the hot female attorney with an ass that wouldn’t quit.
So, what the hell, why not both? Right?
Right. Though, Gryff probably wouldn’t cooperate with his little plan, even though the man got turned on when Trey “flirted” with him. That reaction left Trey with no doubt that Gryff wasn’t completely against the idea of being with another man. Whether that stubborn guy wanted to admit it or not.
Yeah, there was no mistaking the hard-on Gryff got when he pinned Trey against the wall.
Now, as he sat at the bar surrounded by stale smoke and after-work drinking habits, he questioned his idea of tricking Gryff here to the bar.
He ran a finger down the sweating glass of his Jack and Coke. The one he had only two sips from.
Because he needed to be sober for this.
He’d be a fool otherwise. Plus, he needed to keep his “nose clean” or he’d watch his five hundred G’s go up in smoke. Poof.
The door opened and some fresh air rushed into the dank bar’s interior, reminding the occupants for a split second that there really was a life outside this drinking hole. He had picked this particular place because he hoped no one would recognize him, and if they did, they’d likely leave him alone.
When he first walked in and moseyed up to the bar, eyes had landed on him. Along with looks of recognition and curiosity, he even scored a few chin lifts from some of what looked like regulars. But, so far, no one had violated his personal space.
Even the bartender had left him alone after serving him.
Trey’s eyes tracked the broad, dark man approaching him.
And the guy didn’t look happy. Not pleased at all.

Get it on Amazon for $2.99 for a limited time or FREE on Kindle Unlimited:

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Book Hooks with #MFRWauthor Featuring The Executive Wives Club #Free on #KU

Genre: Contemporary Romance with strong women fiction elements

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Marketing Exec’s Widow

Needing to revive her life and jump start her heart, Jennifer Larson is facing the biggest challenge of her life, moving into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executives Wives’ Club continues to mourn their husbands, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor, Hagan Chaney.
But does he really love her or is he only after her money?

IT Exec’s Baby

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids.
Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?

Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman. Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life.
Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia.
Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again?

CEO’s Widow

After surviving the grief from her husband’s death, Marianne Clark has built a new life with the help of the other Executive Wives. She plans to enjoy grandchildren and friends until her doctor tells her he found a lump in her breast. Her world turned upside down. She re-evaluates her priorities and decides she grab hold of life with both hands.
Knox Turner lost is first wife to cancer. He’s determined not to let Marianne face this challenge alone. 

Can this couple face the trials ahead and build a future together?

 CEO’s Widow

After surviving the grief from her husband’s death, Marianne Clark has built a new life with the help of the other Executive Wives. She plans to enjoy grandchildren and friends until her doctor tells her he found a lump in her breast. Her world turned upside down. She re-evaluates her priorities and decides she grab hold of life with both hands.
Knox Turner lost is first wife to cancer. He’s determined not to let Marianne face this challenge alone. 

Can this couple face the trials ahead and build a future together?

If you would like to sign up to be an exclusive member of Tina’s Friend'a List simple visit:
You'll receive a free short story – “My Future StepBrother.” This story leads you right into the story of the CEO’s Widow.

Thanks for joining the fun and make sure to check out the other authors on this list.

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#AuthorLove to @MiajoCeleste and for Other Than a #romance #novel

Mia Jo Celeste comes from a family of writers and English teachers, so it was no surprise when she chose to pursue both careers. She grew up watching horror movies and reading romances. To her, the two genres go together like salty and sweet in kettle corn. If you’d like to connect with her, you can find her at these links:

Amazon author page
Facebook Mia.Jo.Celeste

Five Ways to Deepen Your Characters in Fiction—Plus a Look at Other Than
Want to write fiction that sells? 

You’ve got to create stories around compelling characters—heroes and heroines that are complex, deep and quirky enough to capture and hold a reader’s attention. Classic writing guru Jack Bickham says authors do this when they, “Figure out whose story it is, get inside that character and stay there.”

Simple, right, but sometimes, it’s hard to crawl inside your heroine’s head. If you’re having trouble, here are a couple of suggestions that have worked for me.

1.      Put your character on the hot seat or the therapist’s couch and interview her. Become her arresting officer or psychologist. Ask questions like:
a.      What’s your deepest fear?
b.      What would you never do?
c.       What’s your job? What do you enjoy about it? What don’t you like?
d.     Why is that your job? Why did you become a/an______?
e.      Where were you when the crime went down or what is your biggest problem in your relationships.

2.      Let your character journal. What does she think of her past or her current situation? I like to use the journal questions in Story Genius by Lisa Cron for inspiration.

3.      Give yourself to write one to ten pages of your character’s back story, a first chapter or prequel only you will ever read. Later, you might dribble little snippets of this back story into your novel, but just knowing this history will help your character seem more real.
4.      As you write and your character does or thinks something, ask why? Then consider sharing that why with your readers.

5.      Look at other author’s heroes and heroines to jump start imagination. What flaws or good qualities could add spark to your narrative? When I wrote Other Than, I looked to the classics. I used the Bronte sisters’ heroes, Heathcliff and Mr. Rochester, for inspiration for Victor Lowell while Evangeline Woods is a lot like Jane Eyre.
Want to see what I mean? 

Check out this excerpt.
He materialized in the inky shadow.
Or rather his apparition did. His ghostly frame hovered before her, sinuous and lithe. Against his shadowed form, the string glimmered like liquid silver. Slowly he unwrapped her, tossing the spectral bands to the floor until a coil lay between him and her.
Something inside her chest fluttered. “You followed me.”
An accusation.
He nodded. With a slight shrug, he spread his hands. “You shouldn’t be alone.”
She wanted to turn, giving him her back, but her betraying gaze remained fixated upon him. When he paced around her, she waved him away. “Don’t.”
He caught her hand and placed an insubstantial kiss in her palm. “Let me help you…please.”
A gallant gesture, perhaps, but her skin-slider sensitivity noted the rigidity of his stance, the twitch along his jaw, and the slight narrowing of his eyes. How could he think of helping her when he was in so much pain?
Ordinarily, she might be grateful. Might…if loss hadn’t hollowed her.
She ripped her cooling flesh from his spectral arms. “I don’t deserve kindness.”
“Good.” He gave her a rakish smirk. “Because I’m not kind.”
She shook her head, biting back the emerging smile that had no place on her countenance. She couldn’t be civil, couldn’t risk the involvement. “I can’t go on like this—stuck betwixt life and death.”
“You must. Don’t you see, sweet dove? You’re beyond both. You’re immortal. Like me.”
Would you like to know more about the plot? Here’s the back-cover blurb:
It only takes one drink from the Water of Immortality to kill Evie Woods—halfway. Trapped in undead flesh, the world’s last skin-slider wakens on an island purgatory where a cursed spring bubbles with immortality, and zombie cannibals crave living flesh.
Her only hope of escape rests in the hands of the one man who would see her fail. Bound to her by cords stronger than death, Lord Victor Lowell is both the man of her dreams, and her darkest nightmares. Contrary and intractable, Victor preys on others to maintain his angelic charisma and preternatural prowess. Drawn to the compellingly gallant and vulnerable soul behind his mercurial humors, Evie can only watch as protecting her forces Victor to sacrifice yet more of himself to the ancient evil long tethered to his soul.
Trapped in an ever-escalating war they can’t stop, Victor and Evie fight time for a cure, but as the long days pass blackness tears at Evie, ripping her thoughts from her one memory at a time. Victor will to do whatever it takes to prevent her from deteriorating into a rotting husk, even if it means dooming himself, but Evie won’t surrender his soul without a fight. Battle lines drawn, the soul mates resolve to find redemption or die trying.
If you’re interested in reading more Other Than follow these links:

 Thanks for the wonderful advise and sharing an excerpt,


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Give Some #AuthorLove to Lily and the Gambler by @LyndiLamont #Romance

Linda McLaughlin grew up with a love of books and history, so it's only natural she prefers writing historical romance. She loves transporting her readers into the past where her characters learn that, in the journey of life, love is the sweetest reward. Linda also writes steamy to erotic romance under the name Lyndi Lamont, and is one half of the writing team of Lyn O'Farrell. A native of Pittsburgh, PA. she now lives in Southern California.

How to show Linda some #AuthorLove:

Follow her Blog (sign up in the footer area):
Follow her at Twitter: @Lyndi Lamont

Linda is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the blog post to subscribe to her email list for five chances to win!

Thanks so much for hosting me today!

My most recent release is a Western romance set in the California Gold Country, specifically Grass Valley, 1868. My husband and I visited the area some years ago and I fell in love with it. Grass Valley was especially interesting to me because of the large Cornish population in the 19th century. This area had deep gold veins that couldn’t be panned. Cornish miners were encouraged to come because of their experience in the tin mines of Cornwall, which were petering out. To this day, the Cornish pasty is a local treat, and the city still celebrates a Cornish Christmas.

A shorter, sexier version of this story was previously published by Amber Quill Press. When I got the rights back, I realized I now had the opportunity to tell the tale as I’d originally intended, as a sensual romance. It was fun to revisit Lily and King’s world and spend time with them again. They are two of my favorite characters. I hope readers will agree.

Lily and the Gambler is on sale for the summer for 99 cents!


Lily & the Gambler
By Linda McLaughlin
Sensual Western Historical Romance


Respectability is in the eye of the beholder. Or so Lily Penhallow hopes when she assumes the guise of the widow Albright. She has learned the price of flaunting convention and is determined to obey society's rules from now on. After her lover, Nigel Albright, was killed in a duel over a card game, Lily dons widow’s weeds and travels to Grass Valley, California where she plans to marry the man her uncle works for, a respectable mine owner named Hugh Ogilvie. Then, on the riverboat from San Francisco, she meets Creighton 'King' Callaway, a professional gambler, just the kind of man she should avoid.

King believes that since life is a gamble, there's no point in planning for the future. You have to trust Lady Luck. After meeting Lily, King knows he has found his Queen of Hearts. But can he convince her to pass up a sober businessman for a foot-loose card sharp?

Only Lady Luck knows for sure...

(Previously published in a shortened version by Amber Quill Press)

On sale for 99 cents at:
Coming Soon to Other Retailers


Lily smiled at him. “That was quite a trick. Do you tell fortunes, too?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. Is the lady interested?”

“Perhaps,” she said, aware he was flirting with her again and annoyed with herself because she was enjoying it. “There should be a deck of cards here somewhere.”

“No cards required. Just let me see your palm.”

Unable to stop herself, Lily stripped off her gloves and let him take her hand. He held it in his left hand, and with his right index finger, traced the lines on her palm. Shivers ran up her arm at each caressing touch. His scent, a mixture of bay rum, male musk, and a faint hint of tobacco, overwhelmed her.

“What do you see?” she asked, her voice suddenly breathless.

“Health and long life.”

“What, no handsome stranger?” she joked.

He raised his head and stared into her eyes. “Oh, yes, I see romance ahead for you. With a dark haired fellow. But he isn’t a stranger.”

For what seemed an age, she stared into his green-gold eyes while her pulse quickened and warmth stole through her veins. It would be so easy to surrender to the feelings he evoked.

“I also see a fork in the road ahead,” he added softly. “You have a decision to make. A very important decision.”

She snatched her hand away, knowing she couldn’t afford to be distracted by him. It wasn’t as if he had made her any promises. “I think you need to practice your fortune-telling skills, Mr. Callaway.”

He chuckled. “There’s something else I’d like to practice.” Cupping her chin, he stared at her, his eyes full of half promises. “Oh, hell, I may get my face slapped for this, but…” His hand moved to the back of her neck as he lowered his head and captured her lips in a kiss that stole her breath away.

For a moment, she closed her eyes and gave herself up to the kiss. Then a door slammed somewhere in the house, reminding her of where they were. She pushed him away. “How dare you?” she hissed.

He gave her a lazy grin. “What’s that old saying? Nothing ventured, nothing gained?”

“I think you’d best be going.”

He paused at front door, turned and held her gaze for a moment, then left.

She sighed and leaned against the doorjamb. What had she been thinking to let him kiss her, however briefly?

Thanks for sharing,


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#AuthorLove for Bre Meli and #Romance #Novel My First Love

Author Bio
Bre is the mother of 2 grown ass boys, grandmother to a beautiful 4 year old girl and another sweet lil girl that she will get to meet in October! So excited!! Bre and Mr. Starr have been together for almost 11 years.... He is a serious pain, but none of this would have happened without him. He knew her dream was to write books for the world to see, he gave her the push and courage to go for it!
    Besides reading and writing, she loves music. Can't play an instrument to save her life and her singing voice has gone to hell but that doesn't stop me from singing in the shower or at the top of her lungs in the shower. (Yeah, she dance too :D )

Follow Bre-

Book blurb
Take the journey with Leigha Uvari as she becomes a woman, meets her first love, and juggles the big issue of life.

Seeing him, Zain Devold, for the first time as he climbs onto the bus to start at his new school, moving from the big city to this group of small towns and the gated community that holds all the amenities of life. 

Leigha is too young to know what love is, all she knows is that he makes her heart skip a beat and she gets weak in the knees. Befriending his sister keeps her close to him. Loving him from afar because she cannot tell him how she feels. 

During their budding friendship, he realizes her real intentions. Wanting to lose her virginity to him more than anything. He will not allow it. Finally getting him to express the way he feels about her. Leigha creates this great love affair in her mind, but it's it all in her head?

Then he is gone. Disappeared info the night. No explanation, no note, no phone call. She never learns why they left. Even when she sees their parents coming and going from the house, there is no way Leigha will ask what happened or where the love of her life is? She believes there will never be this profound of a love for another man again.

Nine years later, two children and one failed marriage, Leigha is bartending at one of the taverns in a small town outside of the gated community in which they grew up. Learning of his Mother's death makes her wonder if he will return with the rest of his family. 

Sauntering into the tavern, exhausted and full of sorrow, Zain Devold bellies up to the bar to get drunk, chase away the hurt that lives inside from losing his Mother. Leigha comes to take his order. They stare at one another for what seems like an eternity. All of the questions she has must wait. The pain on his face is extremely thick. 

As the night goes on and the tavern empties they have time to talk. She closes the joint for the night letting him stay while she cleans. She can't seem to make him leave. Not just yet.

Will Zain finally accept the one thing that Leigha so willingly wanted to give him as teenagers? One night of pure passion, an ecstacy that she knows only he can give her. Or will they leave the past where it belongs? In the past....

➡➡➡Grab yours Now! Just .99¢

This excerpt from My First Love is how my actual first real kiss happened...

    Next thing I know his face is coming toward mine. My first real kiss! Opening my lips, ready to feel his, except his lips are closed, so they go straight into my mouth. Pulling back, completely embarrassed. Zain smiles.

     Coming back at me again, I pucker, his lips are open. Mine go straight into his mouth. Totally mortified now, he laughs which makes me laugh.
    “One more try,” Zain puts his hand on my cheek, “Open your lips just a little,” Doing as he says, he moves in again.

     Our lips meet, and fireworks go off in the room. Zain moves his lips, and I follow his lead. His hand leaves my cheek, going around to my neck, pushing my lips harder into his. Forcing them open further, his tongue slips between them. Our tongues mingle as the kiss deepens, our breath quickens, and our free hands start to roam.

     His hand touches me in places that no boy has ever dared. A thumb grazes across my nipple, and my body goes into overdrive. Rolling him over straddling him. Feeling the hard shaft up against my private place, my bottom half starts to move. Didn’t tell it to! Was like my body automatically knew what to do.

Thanks Bre for sharing,


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Time Fun for #4thofjulyweekend

Looks like we are on the road to summer if we are ready or not. Personally, I love getting outside and enjoying nature.

So what do you have planned for the 4th of July weekend?

  • A picnic with family.
  • A fishing trip. (love this idea. Fresh fish caught just out of a lake or pond makes my mouth water and brings back great memories of times with my dad and mom.)
  • Visiting a winery...always a great choice for any weekend.

  • Or like me are you thinking about hitting a golf course.

  • As some of my friends and family know, this is one of Mike, my husband's favorite past time.

    Now, some might ask why do I do it?

    I have to say I love the view.

    Not only do I get to spend time with my husband but we are enjoying some awesome views and getting some exercise. It's probably why I enjoy hiking. Though with golf, I get a cart. (so much easier.)

    Whatever you are doing to celebrate the birth of our country, I hope you have a great time.

    Happy 4th of July