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#RomanticIdea Taken by Twin Doms by Kryssie Fortune #BDSM

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Plan a picnic. Prepare your usual array of finger food and chill a bottle of wine. Then spread a picnic blanket by the fire, put on some romantic music, light candles, and stay in. Cuddle up and feed each other food and wine.

Or you could always book into a pleasure hotel.

“What the hell’s that?” I hear you say.

My heroine Molly certainly did in my book, Taken By Twin Doms. Right after her Cousin Angela tricked her into visiting one


One repressed heroine, twin Doms with sex toys, and a relationship based on a lie.

Too scared to step out of her comfort zone, Molly dreams of submitting to a powerful man’s will. When her cousin tricks her into visiting the Pearson twins’ Pleasure Hotel, she realizes she could play out her fantasies. Despite the sexual games going on around her, she still refuses to accept her sensual nature.

Steve and Brett Pearson want a sub with fire in her soul. Deceived by Molly’s cousin, they believe Molly craves a kidnap and interrogation scene where two men torment her with sex toys before taking her to sexual heights. They’ll stop the instant she says the safe word. As their reluctant prisoner, she has no idea what the safe word is.

After the way Molly responded to their dominance, the Pearson twins want to know her better. Can they win her heart after they’ve bound her, blindfolded her, and forced their BDSM games on her?

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of forced seduction, twin Doms with sex toys, and a repressed heroine who was born to be wild.

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Excerpt from Taken By Twin Doms

Sat at the wheel of the self-drive minibus the girls had hired, Angela tossed her scarlet-dyed hair back over her shoulder. “It’s a place to get laid. You didn’t think I’d spend my hen night running around with L-plates stuck to my chest and a pink veil over my hair, did you?”

Molly didn’t admit it, but she’d expected just that, along with raucous laughter and too much booze. She’d worn old jeans and sneakers. That way, if someone threw up on her, they only ruined stuff that didn’t matter. She knew that with her skinny hips and bitty breasts, she looked younger than her twenty-three years, but she never wasted much time on her appearance. She wasn’t even sure she could glam it up when she dressed for dinner.

She tugged on her blonde ponytail, a nervous habit she couldn’t break, and blinked hard. Spending the weekend in a pleasure hotel hadn’t figured on her to-do list. She wasn’t a virgin, but she didn’t share Angela’s anything-goes attitude to sex. Her cousin enjoyed an alternate lifestyle where everyone came in shades of submissive or dominant. In Angela’s world, people enjoyed giving or receiving pain while they played out sexual fantasies. Molly sometimes dreamed of giving herself into a Dom’s care, but at university and later work, men came on an equal footing.

Having a man dominate her sounded … exciting and dangerous, especially if he tied her up first. The more she thought about it, the more her nipples hardened. Embarrassingly, her pussy creamed. If this whole pleasure hotel thing didn’t feel so forced she might have been tempted out of her comfort zone. “What if I don’t want to get laid?”

One of the women crammed alongside her in the back of their hired minibus laughed. The sound made Molly think of a hyena closing in for the kill. Another passenger—Susan, possibly—stared at her, all cold eyes and prim lips. She jerked her thumb toward the rear window. “Town’s about fifteen miles that way. You’d better get walking.”

Molly considered it, but an all-night trek through the woods didn’t appeal one bit. “Bringing me here’s baloney. I’m not into all that stuff the rest of you get up to. At the very least, some warning would have been good.”

She’d stay, but if any would-be Doms sniffed around her, she’d dig her heels in and say, “Not interested.”

Angela laughed. “I never expected you to turn up anyway. This place has been the talk of our BDSM club for months, so we thought we’d give it a go.”

Molly stared out at the manicured grounds. This place looked like it belonged in a Jane Austin novel. Her mother had probably thought she’d treated Molly and her cousin to a rarified country retreat. If she’d known this was some upmarket cathouse or such, she’d have been horrified—not to mention furious. As for Molly, she’d been so unwilling to attend her cousin’s weekend, she’d not even checked out the place online. For a Math’s graduate and part qualified accountant, she felt dumb.

Susan’s smile held all the enthusiasm Molly’s lacked. “The owners, the Pearson twins, are legendary Doms, but recently they’ve spent more time running BDSM training sessions than they have taking part in scenes.

Molly sat up straighter. When she’d started university, she’d had a monster crush on the twins in the year above, and their surname had been Pearson. Only they’d been cool dudes who wrote computer programs and flirted with every pretty girl that came their way. They’d never have spared a geeky Math’s student like her a second glance. Not that she’d ever plucked up the courage to speak to them. They’d been her secret obsession and even now, two years after her graduation, they fueled her fantasies.

Angela’s eyes narrowed. “Like me, the girls from the club sent their Doms on ahead to work out the finer details with Brett and Steve Pearson. For us, tonight’s going to be amazing. You’ll just have to hope one of the house Doms takes pity on you. Maybe they’ll teach you a few BDSM basics.”

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