Monday, January 8, 2007

Thank You, Romo

Football fans this weekend learned a powerful lesson in the closing plays of the Dallas game. Quarterback, Tony Romo, who was called upon to hold the football for the potentially game winning field goal, had the ball slip in his hands and he couldn’t get it down for the kick. Romo picked up the ball and tried to run for the touchdown.

At that point, our hearts were racing and we saw his desire to win, to not give up. Then as he was brought down before he could reach the first down or goal line, our hearts dropped and we tasted defeat with him.

As the picture of Romo alone on the field flashed across the screen, we shared his misery.
The rippling affect of this event had every sports newscaster talking about the pain of defeat. Yet, they didn’t jump on his back and call him names. Instead they offered encouragement and hope for the future by suggesting that he work harder and look at what he had accomplished this year. They pointed out that we all fail but the one’s that succeed get up and keep trying. This is truly a lesson that can benefit us all.

Thank you, Romo, for showing us even the best can have things go wrong despite their best efforts.

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