Thursday, May 17, 2007

Believe It and It Will Happen

This in a way goes back to my time management series. Setting goals, but at this point don’t worry about how you are going to achieve them. Just know what you want to achieve. In both the "Power of Positive Thinking and "The Secret", they talk about knowing what you want and believing you will achieve it. Feel it and know it to be true in every fiber of your heart.
In each book, they give you examples.

Well, here is mine.

Two years ago, I went to my first RWA national convention. Debbie Macomber was one of the speakers. She is a very inspirational person, who I have heard speak several times, but this time was different. She had pink index cards on everyone’s chair and had each of us write down our wish list of what we wanted to achieve as writers.

I wrote down six things.

After watching "The Secret" DVD, I was looking through my purse and found that pink index card that I’ve been carrying around now for two years and read it.

I was happy to see that I have achieved two of things on my list.

1. Get published.
2. Have a speaking event. (This is an event where I get to talk about my writing)

The first one as far as getting publish, I have been working for that goal for five years. The speaking event fell in my lap.

So was it because I had it as a goal? Or was it because I believed I would achieve it?

Personally, I don’t care. I’m just excited it happened.

Homework: get you an index card and write down a few things you want to achieve. Put it some place where you can look at it regularly.

Believe and succeed.

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