Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's in a Name

Author spend a lot of time think of their characters names.

Here is some of the things we think about.

Don't name two character with the same first few letters, like Carol and Carly.
They are too close the same name and it will confuse the reader.

Think about the sound of the name - you won't want to have a hero named Willy or Willis.
They invoke a wimpy character in the mind of the reader.

Try not to use name where the reader can't tell if the character is a male or a female unless of course this is your intention.

Parents might want to think about these thinks when they are naming their child too.

Wendy Gale (a name I thought of when I was pregnant wouldn't have been the best choice for a girl) Unless of course, she was related to Storm.(X-men super-hero)


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