Friday, October 15, 2010

Peach "the Wonder Dog"

This week, we had the very hard chore of putting our dog down.

At fourteen, she'd been loyal, sweet and a pure joy in our life.

A lab/gray hound mix, she, at times, seemed to be a cat in a dog's body. She didn't bother you or demand attention. Except if she wanted her rump scratched, then she'd let you give her a few pats on the head and then she'd turn for the real treat.

Not a noisy dog, she didn't bark or howl like most dogs unless provoked. Brave and loyal, she'd stand right beside you, her hair raised on her back and give a few barks. But she wouldn't leave your side or run off.

Born sometime in October, we got her from the pound when she was just six weeks old. A true member of the family, she will be missed.

All dogs go to heaven so she living an even better life now.

No Snow.



*lizzie starr said...

sparkles to you and your family.

I've had too many friends lately who've had to make the choice to help their friends cross the rainbow bridge. Knowing that they're happy, and waiting, is a small comfort.

Girl_To_Woman said...

Oh, I am so sorry. She sounds like such a wonderful companion. having had to out down many animals over the years from cats, to dogs to horses... I feel your pain. You have my sympathy. The exceerpt from your book was very interest castching. I'm an aspiring author, so any suggestions you have are welcome. ;) Love your blog!