Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Special Guest - Rachel Leigh

Thank you, Rachel, for visiting with us today. I love asking other authors questions like...

What is your favorite genre to write?

Erotic romance – I enjoy the freedom to get right into the deepest part of your characters and explore their emotions through sex and sensuality. Sex reveals more vulnerability than anything else.

What does your family think of your writing?

My parents don’t comment, not because they don’t approve just because I think they have no idea what to say! And my daughters are too young to know what I write at the moment, but my husband loves it, lol!

How do you go about plotting your stories? Character or plot first?

The characters tend to come first – I hear voices and know I’ve another story brewing. Once I’ve ‘heard’ the hero or heroine’s problem or goal, I start writing a one to two page synopsis and after that, I just write by the seat of my pants.

The hard work comes in draft two…

How much of your life shows up in your writing?

I’m not sure that any of my life shows up in my writing but my principals and views certainly do – I tend to vent or empathize through my stories. If I have something on my mind, good or bad, it tends to come out onto the page which I don’t think is a bad thing. Readers can tell if the writer doesn’t believe in their work.

What makes your current release special?

This story is set in a small town in South West England and tells the story of Kelly and Sean who separated two years before when Sean up and skipped town with no word.

Their issue upon Sean’s return is a universal one but also one that we all grapple with – regaining trust. I am not sure if this is Kelly’s or Sean’s story and leave the reader to decide…

What do you like about the heroine?

Her vulnerability and how hard she tries to hide it – Kelly is a sweet, sweet girl with a tough coating.

What do you dislike about the hero?

The way he disappeared (even though he’s reason is valid) and forced himself not to contact Kelly in between the time he came back. Far too much precious time wasted!

Now for the blurb.

Kelly Hampton loved once...and lost. After two years of looking for Sean McKenzie in other men--and failing miserably--she takes a vow of celibacy. No sex until she finds love. Then Sean strolls back into her bar, reigniting old flames. No one has come close to understanding or satisfying her like he did. Her body burns for the passion they once shared, but her heart still remembers the pain.

Sean escaped Jessop Hill and his father's fists in the middle of the night without a word--even to his love, Kelly--to protect his battered mother, but he never forgot the explosively erotic relationship he left behind. Now his father is dead and Sean is back for the only woman he's ever wanted. Their reunion is full of fire – but can sexual attraction and noble intentions overcome years of heartache or will Kelly walk away to protect her heart this time.

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Thanks again Rachel, for stopping by and best of luck with your book,



Tina Gayle said...

Thanks Rachel for sharing.

Nightingale said...

Fun interview, Ladies. Rachel the blurb definitely hooks!

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Thanks, Rachel, and Tina. What a fun blog!
--Jacqueline Diamond

Rachel Leigh - Erotic Romance said...

Thanks for having me here today, Tina! I am so looking forward to chatting with your visitors.

Hi Nightingale - I really love the angst of the heroine in this story but she's soon sees what matters ;)

That was close Jacqueline, our posts nearly crossed! Nice to meet you :)

R x