Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Writers Joining the Writing Crazies

Hi Guys,

Yesterday, I met with some writing friends. We got to talking about being a new writer.

The huge start-up for a new writer if they are interested in joining the social media  world.
Which as a new writer that new to do so there name will get out there.

The question then became which ones are the most important.  How many should they join? How do they do all of those things and write too?

Personally, I believe a new writer needs to pace themselves.  They are entering a new world, one that is unfamiliar and should be enter with caution.

Yes, a new author needs a website, mainly because this is the place where people can go to learn about them.

Do they need it before a blog? Maybe, maybe not. Each writer is an individual. If they want to start a blog first then that's what they should do.

I guess what I'm trying to say is find the internet connections that you enjoy and explore those. Then add more, remember this like a journey into the unknown. Learn as much as you can and then enjoy the sights along the way.

Have fun,


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