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Why is a Cover Important by Debbie Wallace

Good morning everyone! Tina and I are guests on each others blogs today and have decided to do a post on the same subject. The importance of a book cover. And then we are going to give you a book cover blurb of one of our book covers.

In keeping it short and sweet, how important is the book cover to you, and what tempts you to pick it up? Is it the title, a few action words that jump out at you, the author's name or simply the graphic on the cover? I'll tell you what gets my interest. It only makes sense that the book cover and what's on it has to lure you into wanting to know more about the book. The title also gets it for me. Especially if I see words like: cowboy, mercenary, military or under cover agent. When I first started reading, years ago, it was almost always Viking.

Because I like romance, more specifically erotic romance, the cover has to be hot. I need to see the hero and heroine in some kind of scene that tells its own story. After the book cover peaks my interest, I read the back cover blurb.

Book cover blurb - When I wrote The Senator's Daughter, under my real name Debbie Wallace, my idea for the cover was complex. The story has a lot of elements that I felt needed to be covered. The romance was a given.

My cover artist, Molly Courtright, did a fabulous job at depicting several important locations in the story. The mansion, where Sophie and Brent meet for the first time. The boat, where they make whoopee. The lush palm trees scream Florida, where the story takes place. And the high rise apartment building where Sophie lives. Brent kidnaps her from there.
They are all important to the story. The first 2 covers Molly designed for me didn't have the couple you see at the bottom but once I asked her to add them it was complete. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful book cover.

Story Blurb - Most women kidnapped on the eve of their wedding would be devastated, but not Sophie. She’s thankful for being rescued from marrying a millionaire she doesn’t love. Besides, her abductor is a gorgeous hunk who makes her feel anything but frightened. His masterful touch sends a river of fire through her blood that releases the vixen in her. She surrenders to an afternoon of passion, only to wonder when it’s over, how will she ever be able to leave Brent for the arms of another man?

Brent can’t believe he let Senator Adams talk him into kidnapping his daughter. Now he has a hellion on his hands, who’s as clever as she is beautiful. He tries to convince himself she’s not his type, but every time he touches her he can’t deny the rush of sensation that leads straight to his loins, then to his heart. Soon he begins to question; can he let her go when it’s over?

Recommended Read & 5 ANGELS from Fallen Angel Reviews!
"The Senator’s Daughter by Debbie Wallace in one word is wow for its suspense and oh so gorgeous kidnapper. The attraction between Sophie and Brent is evident from just the first page. I loved the book and can’t wait for more of Debbie Wallace’s books. Here is an author who knows suspense and erotica mix very good to make a great book. Great job!"This story received a recommended read from Fallen Angels Reviews!

Tory Richards -

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Leni said...

The covers have caught my attention and will lead me to want to find out more when there is a sexy cover or beautiful landscape. Just something that catches my eye and I'll read the blurb to find out more.
This is the way I choose books by authors that I've never read. But if it's one that I've read before the cover won't matter.