Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest C.B McKee

Blurb -

Uprooted from a small Texas town, Florence “Ace” Fox is stashed in a camp for orphans, Weirdness abounds with the director talking of wizards and casting spells. He even claims she’s possessed, and that the entity is sending her power levels off the charts.

Rebel Wizards learn of her strength and decide they can use Ace to their benefit and greed to gain control of The World!!  They plot against her.

In danger and on the run, Ace and her friends’ travel through the old west looking for a way to rid her of the entity. They discover that only the leaders of the wizarding world can help, but will she like their solution?

Jail, death, or powerless.


I need the right words or the spell will misfire. The statement still rumbled through her thoughts along with many others. What were they talking about?

Ace hadn’t asked any questions. She’d found when joining a new group she’d fair better if she kept quiet and observe until she understood more about the people.

“You might say we’re in school?” Vicki lowered her voice to where Ace had to lean over the side of her cot to hear her words clearly.

“What type of school?”

“On how to do magic,” Vicki muttered and held out her hand. A small light glowed in the center of her palm.

Ace stared at the burning flame until it faded. Excitement filtered through her blood until she remembered the last time she had tried to help a person with nothing more than herbs and incoherent chants.

Darn, she wanted to believe magic existed. Oh, to be powerful and right the wrongs of the world. However, the fantasy wouldn’t happen, couldn’t happen, the world didn’t have magic. It only had people who knew how to trick others. Peddlers of fancy dreams, who knew how to steal money from unsuspecting people, then disappeared into the night.

Ace didn’t want to offend anyone and decided she’d keep her opinion to herself. “Right, then I guess, I have a lot to learn.”

Vicki didn’t comment, instead after a few minutes Ace could hear the other girl’s steady breathing.

Unable to settle down, Ace swung her legs over the side of her cot and sat on the side. She adjusted her white, cotton gown around her legs. Her mind fought to find answers to all the questions running through her head.

Did Vicki believe she was being taught magic or was Saw deceiving everyone in the camp? After all, what did a bunch of kids know? And why only recruit orphans?

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