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When A Widow is Tempted #excerpt #romance #ASMSG

Blurb for Youthful Temptations


A widow with two grown children, Linda Clayton is ready to let loose and have some fun. Jilted at a party, she met a younger man, Vaughn Reagan.  He tempts with an active imagination and allures her into his life by tempting her with seductive games.


Vaughn thrilled to find a woman who doesn’t want children.  He offers Linda a job so he can spend his days with her.  Now, if he could only convince her to forget their age difference and enjoy the nights in his arm.



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"Youthful Temptations is about a couple finding love and overcoming stereotypes. We see that we all have baggage, it’s a part of us, and those that love us don’t mind the load we carry. Awesome story, I really enjoyed Youthful Temptations."


Reviewed by Raine 

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Excerpt -

With each squishy step across the damp grass, she lambasted herself for being a fool. What possible reason could she have for leaving a crowded party to follow a complete stranger to his house?
Was she nuts?
But she couldn’t force herself to reenter the party and face Philip either. She lacked the strength to demand he drive her home, due to his apparent disgust and the possibility of another scene.
On the other hand, a nerd she could handle. After all, Josh proved young guys today cared more about their computers than girls.
“They’re less fickle,” he’d said.
And Vaughn appeared young enough in his faded cotton jeans and light knit sweater to love his computer. A slim man with dark, curly hair and round granny glasses, he reminded her of her son.
She couldn’t believe he’d be interested in her other than to help her out of a bad situation. But a little voice in her head reminded her that’s how Philip had developed into a problem. She’d underestimated the man.
“If you don’t mind, we’ll go in through the garage.” The warm bass sound of his voice caressed her senses like the smooth whiskey she’d drank earlier to calm her frazzled nerves. He flipped up the lid of a small box located by the double garage door and entered a code into the keypad. The door lifted. A shiny new truck gleamed in the glow of the overhead light. The alluring scent of oil, gas, and a hint of new rubber infused her nasal passages.
Inspiration struck.
“Is this your truck?” Linda rushed forward and ran a long caress over the cold rim of the tailgate.
“Yes.” He took a few steps along the driver’s side on his way to the back door.
Linda’s spirit lifted at the chance of finding a way home. “Then you can drive me home.”
He stopped and turned. “What?”
“Well, the only reason I came over here to your house is because I don’t have a ride home. Philip drove me here, and I can’t ask him to carry me back. My son is at the library with his phone off. So . . .”—she tried to judge his reaction to her request—“if you wouldn’t mind.”
“And what if I do mind?” His face appeared calm. No frown marred his lips, but the slight shift in his stance alerted her to his displeasure at the idea.
She paused a moment to determine how exactly to answer his question so he’d agree with her plan. “Well, I could offer to pay you.”
He frowned.
“And if you still won’t concede, then I guess I’ll have to wait until my son returns from the library.” Her hands tightened against the cold metal. The unbending surface reminded her of the precarious situation. “He never remembers to recharge his phone, or he’d already be on his way.”
A smile lit Vaughn’s face. He paced back to where she stood by the bumper of the king-size truck. “I’ll tell you what, if your son isn’t back in an hour, I’ll drive you home. But first, I’d like a chance to get to know you better.” He held out his hand. “Deal?”
The spark in his gray eyes caught her attention. What harm could an hour make? Josh would probably take at least fifteen or twenty minutes to drive over here even after she contacted him anyway.
“Deal.” She laid her hand in Vaughn’s.

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