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Sean Wesley Interview from The Thin Person Inside by @RochelleWeber #Excerpt #Romance

Character Interview Sean Wesley


Q:              What's your story/back story? Why would someone come up with a story about YOU?

Sean:       As one of the lead singers of The Haystack, I have press and paparazzi after me all the time.


Q:              Can you tell us about your hero/ine?

Sean:       Kristen is one of the loveliest, bravest, most honest people I’ve ever met. She shared stuff in a room fulla men… Well, they say, “You’re only as sick as yer secrets,” and Kristen don’t hold back.


                  Most o’ the women I meet are out for what they can get, whether it’s publicity, or fame or money. Kristen didn’t recognize me when we met. When we went out, she wouldn’t even let me pay for her dinner because “it wasn’t a date.” When I tried to buy her a TV for Christmas, she said all she wanted was a CD. Can you believe that? A fu- a CD! Her TV was a piece o’ crap and a new one woulda been chump change to me, but she said it “wasn’t appropriate” from a friend. Ladies like her only come around once in a lifetime if yer real lucky.


Q:              What problems do you have to face and overcome in your life?

Sean:       Well, it’s tough staying clean, and it’s fu-pretty hard to play piano with only one hand. I think I’da offed myself without Kristen.


Q:              Do you expect your hero/ine to help or is s/he the problem?

Sean:       Like I said, I don’t think I’d even be here if it wasn’t for Kristen.


Q:              Where do you live?

Sean:       I got a mansion in Malibu, on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  That’s another thing. After the accident, when Kristen was helping take care o’ me, she insisted on payin’ rent! Who does that?


Q:              During what time period does your story take place?

Sean:       Time period? Whadya mean? It’s now!


Q:              How are you coping with the conflict in your life?

Sean:       For a while there, Kristen kicked me outa her life. I overstepped her boundaries in a family matter. [Sean holds up his hand in a stopping gesture.] That’s a private story for Kristen to tell or not. I couldn’t drink or use, and I was hurtin’, so my sponsor told me to run. I was doin’ a lot a running, till I got hit by a car. Kristen came back that night, when I was in the hospital. Now I got her to help me stay sane.


Q:              That’s all the questions we have for you. Thank you for speaking to us.

Sean:       Yer welcome. Ya know, I think this is my first actual sit-down interview since I got clean!


Q:              And you talked more about Kristen than you did about yourself. Is something going on there?

Sean:       I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out.






Kristen Jensen, a Navy veteran, tips the scale at a crippling three hundred pounds. In desperation she asks her VA therapist if she can go into addictions treatment with the guys where she meets Sean. With black hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body she figures the reason he’s speaking to her is that she’s the only other person in the room.


The Haystack told their lead singer, Sean Wesley, to get clean or get out. But none of the big-name clinics worked. Sean’s a Desert Storm vet, so they send him to a VA in the middle of nowhere. When he meets Kristen the first day, he thinks it’s tragic such a pretty girl’s trapped in a huge body. And her honesty, intelligence, and bravery are even more impressing. Sean’s drawn to Kristen, but she’s had decades to build layers of defense.



Excerpt:  They Meet



Sean Wesley went into the snack room to help himself to coffee and a roll. He’d probably gain weight while he was here without his personal trainer and weight room. He’d been a fat kid—always the last to be chosen for games, and stuck in right field when he did play. He’d been saved from a life of obesity by a growth spurt in his late teens, a judge who gave him a choice between jail and the Marines, and switching addictions from food to booze and then cocaine.


By rights, Sean shouldn’t be at a VA facility. Celebrities like him usually got sober at places like the Betty Ford clinic or Hazelden. Actually, he’d come from Betty Ford, but he’d still felt shaky so his manager, Don Nelson, had done his homework. Danville, Illinois, was in the middle of nowhere. The program was different, based on Rational Emotive Therapy, and Sean was a veteran. While he made too much money to be treated at the VA, there’s money and then there’s money. Sean had money—the kind that opens doors and breaks down barriers. The kind that makes even the Federal Government say, “We’ll see what we can do,” and then do it.


So here he was in the middle of a cornfield in bum-f*** Illinois at a shabby old VA hospital. An enormously obese woman came into the snack room interrupting his reverie, and Sean thought, That could’ve been me. What a shame—she’s so pretty.”


* * * *


Kristen noticed the table of goodies and the drop-dead-gorgeous man perusing them in the break room when she went in there to put her lunch in the refrigerator.


“Want one? I heard they send ’em over every morning. I guess they’re yesterday’s leftovers.”


That’s right. Offer sweets to the fat lady. She managed a tight grimace. “Thanks, but I’m here because I’m a food addict.” She held up her orange.


“I’m Sean.”


He prob’ly wouldn’t give a fat chick like me a second look anywhere else. Still, what is it about men with black hair and blue eyes that makes me go all mushy? “Hi.”


“I’ve heard of food addicts, but what makes ya call yourself that?”


“When my kids were little, I left them without a babysitter while I went to the store and wrote a rubber check for ice cream and M&Ms. I’d say I’ve been about as desperate for my fix as any addict or alcoholic.”


“Wow! Yeah, I guess so.” He held the door for her as they exited and then followed her into the Day Room.


Kristen sat on a love seat, taking up the whole thing, while Sean sat in the chair on the other side of the end table next to her. They were the only two people in there since there were classes going on. She was sure the minute other people came out he’d find someone else to talk to. She pulled out her crocheting. She was fairly certain Eric would propose to Viki at Christmas and had already begun work on a tablecloth for them. She worked on it a minute and then decided to be polite. “So, what’s your drug of choice?”


“Cocaine. I’ve been clean a coupla months, but it’s hard ta stay clean.”


“I’ve heard that. I was at a halfway house fundraiser and they said it takes something like over a year for cocaine to completely leave the body, and during that time a person can still have random cravings. They were raising money for an extended treatment program.”


“That explains why I’ve been having such a hard time. I hope this treatment helps.”




People started coming into the Day Room from classrooms just down the hallways. Several of them gave Sean and Kristen curious looks. Yeah, what’s such a great looking guy doing sitting with a fat chick?





Rochelle Weber is a Navy veteran with a BA in Writing from Columbia College in Chicago. Her novels Rock Bound and Rock Crazy are available in both e-book and print. Her third book, The Thin Person Inside, is available at MuseItUp Publishing, Inc. Ms. Weber edits for Jupiter Gardens Press, The Author’s Secret, and publishes the Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter, winner of the 2013 Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll for Best Writers’ Resource. She also started Roses & Thorns Reviews and currently has two partners.


Ms. Weber battles bi-polar disorder, quipping, “You haven’t lived until you’ve been the only woman on the locked ward at the VA.” Her song, “It’s Not My Fault,” won a gold medal in the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition. She has lost over a hundred pounds and kept it off for over three years. She lives in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.





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