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Logan’s Time #EggcerptExchange by Dayna Leigh Cheser #historicalromance,

Logan’s Time 
Book Blurb
Set in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, this 19th century historical romance looks at the life and loves of Logan, the Duke of Muileach, beginning when he’s seven years old. Grandson of the old Duke, Logan hides in his mother’s room to witness his brother’s birth. Confused, he watches as his mother, Annella, abandons the newborn, flees to the South Tower, locking herself and her entourage inside.
After eight self-sequestered years in the South Tower, Annella disappears, leaving a family with too many questions.  Later, Logan and Daniel lose their beloved grandfather, followed too soon by their grandmother.
Logan travels to England to attend school, where he meets Richard Grayson—the youngest son of an English duke. After graduation, a celebratory trip to Paris results in tragedy. Minuet, the love of Logan’s life, may be dead, while Richard, his best friend, leaves Paris without notice.
Peadair, Logan’s father, then the duke, renounces his title and leaves Muileach, to face an uncertain future in southern France with his long-missing wife who despises him. Logan, at age twenty-five, becomes the Duke of Muileach.
Believing Richard had betrayed him with Minuet, Logan needs to square things with his former friend. Learning Richard now lives in America, he sets sail to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He arrives just in time to crash Richard and Janelle’s wedding. That same day, he meets, and takes a wife. 
Too long absent from Muileach, Logan returns to Muileach with his family to discover Seanna, a childhood friend, and sometimes lover, has birthed his first-born son. Later, Seanna reveals her plans to make sure her son is the next duke.
Come live in Victorian Scotland while you read the
fourth book of Dayna Leigh Cheser’s TIME Series.

“While Peadair searched for Annella, Logan took long walks alone, usually in the evening. Sometimes Daniel or a friend walked with him at least part of the way, but often, he was alone.
One of the friends was Seanna. She understood he needed peace and quiet, with time to think, so she walked with him, silently. She’d appear out of nowhere, as she often did, take his hand, and match his stride. Then, without having said a word, she’d squeeze his hand and vanish into the gathering dusk. Sometimes, he wondered if she’d really been there. He found himself thinking about her. The distraction seemed to help.
It was on one of his lonely walks that he happened across a stone circle in a field. Because it wasn’t far from the castle, he couldn’t imagine how he’d missed seeing it in his wanderings over the years. Walking around the outside of the circle, studying it from every angle, he wondered its purpose.
When he stepped inside the circle, he became aware of a low-pitched sound. It puzzled him as he felt it more than heard it. When he approached the largest of the stones, the sound’s intensity increased in volume and pitch. Now, it was loud. The closer he moved to the stone, the stronger the sound vibrations.
‘Do I dare touch the stone?’ Reaching out with his fingers stretched, the stone seemed to draw him closer. Almost trancelike, he moved forward, until just before making contact, he found himself flying through the air, landing hard on his back. ‘What was that?’ The wind knocked out of him, he shook his head and sat up. After a moment, he scrambled to his feet, and ran, not stopping until he was inside the castle walls. Stopping, he leaned over, hands on his knees, panting hard.”

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Author Bio
Currently residing in Central Florida with my husband, Pete, I’m a lifelong reader. Starting before kindergarten, I devoured anything with words. In grade school, I was a regular at the local library.

Then, I discovered her mother’s ‘naughty’ books – and was hooked on romance. Soon after, I started writing short stories to entertain my peers. 

‘Logan’s Time’, is book 4 of the TIME Series, precluded by ‘Moria’s Time’, and ‘Adelle’s Time’.  Janelle’s Time, 2nd Edition available soon.  Coming in 2018, ‘Clarissa’s Time’.

Please visit my website:, or email me: Also, (Twitter) @Writers_Cafe, and (Facebook) Author Dayna Leigh Cheser.

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