Friday, May 12, 2017

Stuck in The Rewrite Mode #writingtip #amwriting #authors

Thought I'd share the check list of things I look at when rewriting a book.

The story -       

·         Have I written enough?

·         Is there emotion on every page?

·         Are the Five Senses felt on each page?

1.      see

2.      hear

3.      taste

4.      smell

5.      touch

6.      Color and texture included

·         Plot line –

1.      strong hooks

2.      compelling inciting incident

3.      intense climax

4.      satisfying resolution

5.      Analysis the value of each scene

·         Character Development

1.      their journey

2.      character arch

3.      Dialogue – unique for each person

·         Backstory

1.      Too much or not enough

·         Pacing

1.      Using MSWord to check readability, which increases pacing.

This is only the first list of things I check when editing my stories.

Hope it helps,


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