Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Writing a Story to Recover From a Painful Loss...@AuthorTinaGayle #spirits #romanticsuspense #greatread

I started this book after my mother died. I had never lost someone close and the pain was more than I could have imagined.

I spent my days working on stories to help me come to term with my loss.

The fictional story is of a spiritual nature. I had just read Sylvia Brown's book about spiritual guides so I found myself thinking about the family member who had passed before me.

So I developed a family where the orginal settlers in colonial times from the state of Ohio where the spiritual guides of a special member of their family in today's time. The person is the keeper of the Winston Estate.

Now, think about this. Would you like having your great, great, great, great grandfather telling you how to live your life?

Yes, he might understand things better than you do but would you want him judging your every move?

In "Summer's Growth," the family spirits have decided to change out the keeper. Mattie has been doing the job for over twenty years and the spirits feel it's time to get on with her life.

Amber is a young woman, who doesn't even know this leg of the family exist and is contacted to come for a visit. Would you go if someone claim you where going to inherit an estate?

As you can see this is a story of intrigue and mystery with strong paranormal elements. I love romance so could leave that out either.

Strangely as I was writing the book, I felt as if the spirits where talking to me guiding me as to what to write. Okay, I'm a writer and the character in our heads talk to us.

Blurb for
Family Tree Club series-

Keeper of Winston Manor
Advised by spirits
Carving out a future.

Blurb for "Summer's Growth"

A mainstream novel with romantic and paranormal elements. It’s about two women, Mattie Winston, an almost fifty recluse who lives on a lonely estate and guards generations of family spirits, and a young college student, Amber Harrison, who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. The Winston spirits decided that Mattie needs to develop a life outside the estate and Amber is going to be the new family keeper, which throws the two together.

Both travel down different paths of self-discovery but their reliance on each other grows stronger after several scary moments. Mattie, challenged by an old flame, rethinks the idea of love. Amber, faced with the appearance of her distant grandmother’s ghost, decides to solve the mystery of why her grandmother disappeared without a trace. By the end of the book, after love is embraced and family secrets are revealed, Mattie and Amber are both ready to meet their futures with enthusiasm as stronger more self-confident people. 

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