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Let me preface this article with the fact that I have been on almost every diet out there, plus have followed the advice of the US dietary guidelines. Here is their current release of things to know about what it takes to be health. 

If you look at this, you’ll see there are still areas that don’t follow what the experts are saying. However, over the years, scientists have stated things like fat is bad for you which led people to give up butter, whole milk, and other items which they loved. 

Of course, we have the Atkins and keto diet which say that fat is what we needed, and carbs are the bad guys. Ultimately, each of us has the responsibility to decide what works for  our particular needs such as weight lost or simple trying to be health.

With all that being said, I was fascinated to hear from several different sources that there was a new way to cook rice that would reduce the number of calories absorbed by the body. After all, carbs are the bad guys now, right?

Here are just a few of the articles:

Basically, cook rice with tablespoon of coconut oil and refrigerate for 12 hours before eating.

From what the scientist are saying this converts the starch in rice to a resistant type of starch that is not absorbed by the body and passes into your large intestine where it can be fuel to increase the health bacteria in your gut. Wow, this is good right?

Ok, as someone who is trying to stay away from rice, pasta, and white potatoes, this was a glorious moment. One of the foods, I miss the most on any diet are rice, pasta, and potatoes. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Tina, they said nothing about pasta and potatoes.”

“But why wouldn’t it work for them too?” Is my response.

Recipe at

Convinced they were leaving the others out for some unknown reason, I did some digging, and I was right. It will work for pasta and potatoes (white and sweet). Here are a few articles that I found.

Now, if you go to any of the articles, you’ll see these are old post. Why then am I just hearing about it?

There could be several explanations:

  1. They don’t believe people will go to the trouble of refrigerating rice, pasta, and potatoes for 12 hours before they consume them.
  2. Pasta is made with wheat and giving the okay for people to eat it again opens up the door for them to eat gluten, which is a problem for a large number of people.
  3.      Everyone will overeat these items. After all, if the process cuts the calories in half, why not eat twice as much. (Believe it or not, reheat cool starch fill you up faster and don’t cause the crash eating traditional cook starches do…at least for me. I
  4.       I'm just behind the curve which happens all the time which means this might be the reason.

However, I’m sure there are other reasons. Leave a comment below if you think of any.

So now, that I know we can eat rice, pasta and potatoes in moderation…. I’m cooking up some casseroles putting them in refrigerator (for the cooling down period) and hopefully, losing weight on leftovers. (Also, the reheating process also contributes to adding more resistant starch to the dish.)

Doing a happy dance...

Love to hear your comments about this article,


P.S. Update on the pasta, I tried the wait 12 hours after cooking then tried it with a tomato sauce. Not the same more like Chef Boyardee type noodles. Didn't particularly care for it.


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