Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am not a funny person but when I see something that is, I like to pass it on. This is Marianne Donley’s response to people who've had problems with their computer. I like to bring it out occassionally and reread it. It brightens my day.

"Computers, Yahoo! and AOL are run by evil little green male trolls --all
about 15 years old. They live inside your machines. Some times the trolls do
what you ask them to do. Sometimes they fold their little troll arms and
shake their little troll heads and say, "Nope. Not doing that. You can't make
me. Nanner. Nanner. Nanner."

Now, if you have a larger male person come in to your office and he does the
VERY SAME THING to the computer that you have been doing for the last 10
hours, the little evil green trolls get afraid. Frighten trolls do what they
are told. Then your larger male person gets a smug look on his face and you go off to plan another mystery in which large male people die in very painful ways. "

Hope it helps you see the funny side of computer problems and write your next thriller.


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