Thursday, March 6, 2008

Egg-cerpt by Debra A. Kemp

Title: The House of Pendragon I: The Firebrand
ISBN: 1-59279-155-7
Author: Debra A. Kemp
Price: $5.25
At Amber Quill Press
genre: Historical fiction

"Oh, he is good," I whispered. I wanted to watch the prince's life drain from him, just as he was draining the spirit from me. My vow to stop rebelling forgotten, I envisioned Prince Modred's blood pooling at my feet.

"What was that, Lin?"

"The bastard is good. A worthy adversary. He knew precisely where to strike. Where it would hurt most. That is why I did not see him today. Oh, for a bard's curse."

"Lin, leave it. You cannot win against him."

"Ah, but I will. Just you watch me, Dafydd. So help me, I shall win." I heaved my bowl across the room towards the palace. Its contents flew in every direction, and people in its path ducked their heads to avoid being hit by the missile. "This is between you and me, prince. Attack me all you want, but leave my brother out of it."

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Happy reading!
Debra A. Kemp

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