Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Egg-cerpt for Prince of Darkness by Lizzie Starr


Torn between duty and love, Morghan stands alone to protect two worlds from an ancient Fire Elemental. He’s loved Coralie for long upon long, yet never admitted his desire.

Until now.

If he chooses Coralie over battle, will his worlds be lost? Or will his choices doom them all?


His eyes spoke of much more than his words. Desire, yes, the desire her body ached for, the desire she feared was mirrored now, unguarded and open in her eyes. What else did she see? Hope, certainly. Fear? Aye, he feared her next words.

She lowered her gaze to the base of his throat, watching the movement of muscles as he swallowed. His fingers tightened around hers, but he remained silent.

What answer did she give to his unspoken questions? To admit her love now... Was his declaration only in response to the strange occurrence, the threat to their people? She angled her upper body to glance back through her room to the window framed loch.

Morghan released one of her hands and again caught her chin with a curled finger to turn her face back to him. “Nay,” he whispered. “This has naught to do with anything but ye and I. I have... have felt such for ye for a time longer...” As if he couldn’t resist, he touched his lips to hers for another soft, unfulfilling kiss. “If ye deny me, sweet Coralie, I shall no’ bother ye again.”

That he would deny himself, and her, ripped a jagged hole in her heart. Even if she did not have his love, she could have him, at least for awhile, until he found a true mate. She would deal with that eventuality when it happened. But for now, he could be hers.

The hope faded from his eyes as seconds passed in silence. She couldn’t bear the pain etched in the tight set of his jaw. The hold he had on her hand grew slack so she twined her fingers through his and lifted her free hand to his cheek. With her love tucked away, she would give him what he wished.

“I feel as ye do, Morghan. I would not have ye hide yer feelings from me.”

*~*romance with a sparkling twist!*~*

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