Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Married

But how do you do that on a budget?

Many moons ago, I had a very simple wedding.

We held the wedding in my aunt's backyard and bought the wedding cake at corner grocery store.

Now days, I'm not sure as many people would op for this option.

But there are still ways to cut cost.

First - decide how many people, you really need to invite.
This can make a big different on what you can afford to do -- just cake or a formal dinner.

Second - decide how much money you want to spend and keep to the budget.

Third - decide how much you want to do to make your wedding the day you wanted it to be.
Example - can you do the flower arranges, create party favors and print out the invitations on your computer.

Four - where are you willing to cut back on cost and where you won't. Example - the wedding dress-- Are you will to borrow one?  Or does it have to come from your favorite designer?

Five - What type of reception do you want?
Cake and punch or a five course meal.

There are a number of things to think about. Plan it out and you can have the wedding you always wanted. Even if you decide to elope to Vegas.


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