Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Checking Out Nebraska

This week my husband and I visited three wineries and viewed acres of rich green farmland ripe with corn.

Located in a lower part of Nebraska, the wineries each had special features which made them worth visiting.

Whiskey Run Creek is located near hwy 29 in Brownville, which makes it easy to visit. They offer a free wine tasting if you buy a bottle of their wine, a treat worth partaking in.

Schilling Bridge Winery is in Pawnee City and is also a microbrewery. So you can try out beer and wine, whichever one you like best. They also have some great tasting root beer. The last one we visited is near Lincoln, and has a number of very nice dry wines.

Deer Springs Winery is one of the newer wineries and is a nice place to relax on a lazy summer day. Check them out and have a great week.


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