Friday, August 21, 2009

Nebraska Wineries

Check out your local wineries.

Living in Nebraska, I've discovered a number of wonderful vineyards that produce some very good wines.

My husband and I stopped by the Superior Estate winery not to long ago. They have a very nice white wine made from the Cayuga grapes.

Check out their site. Superior Estates Winery

Also this past weekend, we took a trip down to Lincoln to check out the Windcrest Winery and the new winery of WunderRosa.

I enjoyed talking to the owners at both places.

Windcrest has a fruity cherry wine, made from cherries grown on their property and a large offering of different wines. They are going to be picking their wines here soon if you want to joy in on the fun just contact them.

WunderRosa Winery has only four different wines at the moment, but unfortunately, they received some wind damage to a part of their vineyard which is going to limit their production for this year.

Check them out and have a great week.
WindCrest Winery
WunderRosa Winery


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