Monday, August 19, 2013

Enjoy Your Local Wineries

There are wineries in almost state in the union.

As most of you know, I enjoyed visiting the ones in Nebraska while we lived there.

We have managed to visit a few while traveling to other states too. Mike and I went to a wine tasting room while in Utah. It was a little disappointing because we found out that the winery bought grapes from California and then combined them to create their own blends.

There is nothing wrong with doing this. It is still a Utah winery but I like it when the fruit is raised in the state where the wine is made.

Also, Mike and I have visited a number of wineries in our area.

If you are looking for a winery in your state.

Check out

I hope you enjoy learning about a blooming business, where they create a piece of art in a bottle.

Have fun,


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