Friday, December 11, 2009

White Elephant Exchange

Don't want to over spent - try a white elephant exchange with your friends.

Pick out something in your house that you've never use and wrap it up to exchange. A fun way to see what others have in their closet and it's a great way to keep cost down while still having a good time.

The holidays are not about the gifts that you receive but the family and friends that you love.


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The Hatman's said...

I've always loved this past-time.... It's great if you can get a nice sized group of people and throw in a "Chinese gift exchange" twist on it as well: Everyone picks a number from a hat, that indicates what order you go in. #1 picks a wrapped gift (one of the White Elephant Exchange gifts that everyone brought) and unwraps it for everyone to see. Then #2 person picks a wrapped gift, BUT before opening it, they have the choice of taking the gift that #1 has or opening the one they chose from the pile. They don't know if the wrapped gift is better, weirder, or what. Once the choice is made, whoever has the second wrapped gift gets to open it for everyone to see. #3 does the same thing and has the choice of taking one of the open gifts and giving that person their mystery gift, or opening it themselves.... and so on until the last gift is opened. It can be a ton of fun when gifts keep getting taken and moved around the room. Enjoy!