Monday, February 22, 2010

Egg-cerpt for Author N.S. Ugezene

The Beginnings of Urbaya Egg-cerpt:

"I am going to need to patch up the lawn."

"Ok sweetie. Which dress should wear? This one or this one?"

Donald wasn't looking because he was getting ready to patch the lawn.

"Look! I need you to tell me which dress."

Donald turned to look and quickly. That dress."

"You didn't even see them."

"Yesh, I did. I can see things in the blink of an eye. That dress looks better."

"What's better about it?"

"I have seen it on you before. That other dress is in a color that doesn't look good on you. I don't know what made you want that dress."

"I wanted to get something different."

"You could have gotten something difeerent. Just not that."

Sally bought the dress after spending hours in a department store much to Donald's dismay. He felt punished that day especially because he and Sally faced a disagreement over the kitchen duties that day.

Donald still had to debate whether to go through with the plotted home invasion. Since money was Sally's reason for even dealing with Ivan, Donald figured that he could get in Ivan's house to find if there was money. He didn't know how Sally would feel if he found money and brought it home.

"Sally, I have a question."

"What is it?" she asked curious to know what was on his mind.

"I know that you are concerned about money." He stopped to think. "I was thinking that if I could get my hands on some money and I brung it home, would you wonder or get suspicious?"

"Well, people just don't come home with money out of nowhere. I would think something suspicious."

Donald began to think otherwise but felt like Sally was being hypocritical. She didn't even say what she was doing. He had to find out through the grapewine.

"Let me get out here and patch up this lawn."

Sally didn't raise any questions. Contemplating whether to engage Ivan in a chess game was her next action. She had to bait him in so that if Donald was going to do this she could set things up perfectly. The more she made Donald think she knew he'd have the gull to go in Ivan's house and ramsack the place to find the money. She knew that would ruffle his feathers and now she had to settle Ivan into the moment without him knowing anything.

Donald was wearing his bomber jacket. He was looking for something in his jacket when he discovered a letter. He unfolded the letter and read it. It was a letter directed to Sally. As he read it, he became enraged. It was time to go in the house and question Sally about the letter.
He held up the letter. "What the hell is this? You got some freaky shit going on that I don't know about or what?"

"I didn't even know that was there. I never even accepted any letter."

"So the letter just walked in your jacket. Is that what you're saying? It's not like you are being very honest with me right now so I find it hard to believe you right now."

"I don't even know where that letter came from. The only place I even take your jacket is in the breakroom at work."

"Leave it in your car from now on. I think that would be better. Maybe some admirer slipped this letter in the pocket. That happens. There are freakes out there who try anyway they can to get at women. Don't let it happen to you," Donald said in an informative tone.

Sally's comfort was dropping. She was starting to feel unsafe because she figured that when Donald invaded Ivan's house, Ivan would point the finger at her. All of a sudden his house gets burglarized...there has to be someone who tipped off the person who perpetrated the home invasion. Ivan didn't just let anyone in his home so he'd figure it out. If Ivan wasn't there things would go better and perhaps, there wouldn't be this backlash after the fact.

Ivan could pen this on Sally if he wanted to anyway though. He could take out anger on her if she ever came to his house. Knowing this, she wasn't going to go to his house if Donald went through with his plan, a plan that she didn't know. He wouldn't let her know anything and she had tried to trick him into detailing his plan. She stood there as Donald was once again outside working on the front lawn.

Thank you, N.S. Ugezene.

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