Monday, February 14, 2011


Okay, its the new year and like most of the world, I'm dieting.

But according to the book I'm using, its a lifestyle change.

I'll agree, and I must say, I like what the author had to say. Size 12 is the size of the average American woman. No joke--fact.

What I enjoy most about Jorge Cruise's book is that he offers more than just a diet. He uses the same technique that Cheryl St.John used in the goals class I just took. Visualization - I believe I will succeed therefore I will achieve my goals.

Every morning, I read a little blurb that tells me to picture myself in different situations. I imagine myself in these settings (like the picture above of my first book signing) and smile at the wonderful new life I will have as a thin, popular author. I do a few exercises and follow his meal plan, which is basically the same as what my mother use while I was growing up.

This should be easy, but will it work?

I'll let you know in the come weeks.

Have a great week,


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