Friday, February 24, 2012

Egg-cerpt Exchange with Susan Wingate

Susan Wingate’s DROWNING
Nabs #1 Amazon Bestseller spot AND wins first place!
In the category of drama in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award.
Earlier this year, DROWNING, had won an award as a finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards.
What people have said about Wingate’s writing & “Drowning”–
“Simply put, Susan Wingate is a master of the written word.” -Joshua Graham, bestselling, award-winning author of “Darkroom” and “Beyond Justice”
“A vivid voice”
-Jennifer (St. Martin’s Press)

“…a character of memorable proportions emerges, and we have a new heroine to cheer on and to embrace.”
-Phyllis Schieber
“At turns lyrical and touching, you’ll find this an exercise in emotion and intimacy. Highly recommended.” - Michael Angel (author of bestselling fantasy novel, “The Detective & The Unicorn”)
“a powerful novel that is designed to show the conflicts as well as the complex inner workings of human nature.” - author, Veronica Esagui
“A sensitive tale of love struggling to unwind Taut narrative Crisp dialogue” -Michelle James (author)

“A very insightful and moving book it’s a page-turner.”
-Michael Conrad

“A staff pick and a favorite.” -Roberts Press

Available in paperback at: Roberts Press, 324 pages, ISBN: 9780615448121
Available on in eBook format AND paperback through:,
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Susan Wingate is the Author/Instructor of the very popular writing workshop, “Muscle-up the Gut of Your Story: How to Write the Novel”
This award-winning novel is written in picaresque of or relating to a type of fiction in which the hero, a rogue, goes through a series of episodic adventures. [The picaresque] originated in Spain in the 16th century. “Even with her mother’s death days away, even as her marriage is falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home, returning to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her family’s past.” A suspenseful and inspirational read, DROWNING, is a story of love and redemption, loss and forgiveness. Categorized as mainstream contemporary women’s fiction.
by Susan Wingate
Prologue – Child’s Play
I took my last breath on a blistering hot day but it felt cool. The second my brother pushed me in, when my feet left the deck, I reacted – my body curving and twisting into correct formation and diving with my fingertips first into the sweet welcome contrast of the pool’s frigid water. Young bodies are like that – supple and quick to respond.
He didn’t get away with it. He didn’t win. See, I decided to play a trick on him for pushing me.
Each millimeter, every dry molecule of my skin became drenched as I dove beneath the surface, deep, deeper to the bottom. I stayed down longer than necessary and the funny thing was? It made me happy down there.
A beating drum pounded my chest with music
from the party above and voices sounding like Charlie Brown’s cartoon mother saying wah wah wah, swallowed up their words and muffled through a filter of water.
After deciding my time spent below had been long enough, I pushed off the scratchy surface of the pool but there were so many people floating, dog- paddling, coursing the length of the pool, re- surfacing, it reminded me of a fantastical dance, maybe one performed only in heaven, hanging over my head. But, I knew I could hold my breath a long time. We had breath-holding-contests in the shallow end of our pool, at home, all the time.

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