Thursday, April 3, 2014

Make Me Cry - #Writing Tip from @authortinagayle

For a story to engage its reader, an author needs to evoke an emotional response to his work. Make the reader care what will happen next so they will keep turning the pages.

So how is this done.

First,  decide what emotion you want to express. This may sound easy but emotion can overlap for example frustration can turn to anger. Going through the different phases with the character can help the reader understand more about the scene the author is trying to portray.

Use other devices to give clues as to the emotion - such as facial expressions or other body movements; clenched hands, twirling their hair, rocking back on their feet, wiggling in their seat, etc.

If you're struggling to find the emotion you're looking for find a picture like the one above and see if you can write a short scene to describe how for example this dog might be feeling.

Next after writing the scene out let it sit for a day or two and see if it evokes the emotion in you that you wanted. Or better yet, ask someone else to read the scene and see how they feel after reading the scene.

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