Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Ready to Bug-IN Event Announcement

It's almost the end of the world. Winter Solstice is right around the corner. Are you ready to survive and thrive? 

We're a group of mostly romance authors that are worried about general fox-hole morale when the shit hits the fan. So you've got your bug-out bags packed, your medicine stocked up, your 2 weeks of food stuff hidden in the air-space behind the dry wall in your home (just in case the government shows up to confiscate your horde of food), you've stored away some candles and extra batteries, and you're ready to go. Well, what about Mom's sanity? What about those almost twenty year old daughters hooked on romance novels? What about...How are you planning to while away the boredom in your little safe place? We've got you covered. Win some romance novels and tick off your preparedness checklist with us as we countdown to THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. 

Each author will be giving away a paperback copy of her book, a book about her Bug-In subject, or one of her favorite reads. So, stick around to enter to win each day. The blog event is a true blog hop in the sense that it begins with one blog post and moves on each day to another participating author's blog. Each day the hostess will post the link to the next day's blog post and contest. All you do is start today, here.

And don't forget to pop over tomorrow to learn some interesting survival info and enter to win a prize! Sheree Coleman--bug-out bags (LINK TO TOMORROW'S POST)

I'll see you all back here on my day Dec. 1 when I'm talking about camp cooking.
But first I thought I better cover the more basic idea of building a fire.
Some of us may not have prepared by having a camp stove or a solor oven. We might be stuck cooking over a open fire. In that case the most important think to have on hand is matches.
Matches - I personal prefer the long wooden kitchen matches. Best to get your box now before the rush so stock up today.
How to build a fire.
First, you will need to collect several things,
  1. rocks - these will be used to lay out around the perimeter of the fire. This will keep the fire from spreading.
  2. wood - both large and small pieces. (wood should be as dry as possible.)
  3. kindling - leaves, small twigs, scrap of paper, pinestraw.
  4. bucket of water.
Next decide where you want to build the fire - at least ten feet away from tents, overhanging limbs, other flamable items.
  • Clear an area on the ground where you want to build the fire about a two foot circle.
  • Mark the perimeter with the rocks you have collected. (for fire control also have a bucket of water ready.)
  • Lay down a layer of dry kindling in the center.
  • Stack small sticks in a tee-pee pattern around the kindling allow air to flow into the fire.
  • Light the kindling with match.
  • Keep add increasing larger sticks and wood to the fire until it grows to the desired strengh.
  • An be sure to extinquish complete when you are done.

Now, you have a fire you are one step closer to cooking on an open fire.

See back here on my bug-in blog day Dec. 1.


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