Saturday, December 1, 2012

May not be a Preppers - But Being Prepared Never Hurts

Welcome to the Bug-in -- Romance Blog Hop.

If you have watched the show Prepper - then you know there are a number of important areas to be concern - Water, Security, Shelter, Food.

Now, it is great to have a gas oven and electricity to heat up your food, but what happens when these things go away?

Like I wrote in Nov. 26 blog, first you need to know how to build a fire.

Then you have to know how to cook over an open flame. It's not the same as using your stove top

You do not have a knob to turn down the heat.

Instead, you'll want a fire just for cooking. Start it early so the fire has a chance to burn down. This way you have hot coal that can be used for heating your food. It is also advisable to have an additional fire so that you can take coals from it and continue cooking your meal in the small cook area.

Remember, how many different pieces of equipment you use in your kitchen? You will need these same utensils outside. Mitts, pans, spoons, spices, water, etc. Have these things available so you are not constantly looking for items to use. 

Once you have set up your outside kitchen, then you can get started. After the flames go down on your cook fire, you should have plenty of hot coals available. Place a sturdy grill grate over the coals, making sure this is held in place and won't tip over.

If you are simple warming up a can of soup, pour it into your cooking pot, and set the pot on the grill.

The reason, I used this example is because most can food has a longer shelve life - Make sure to have several can openers available.

Also some things you might not have thought about is a coal bucket and a coal shovel to carry the coals from one fire to the other.

Most recipes can be motified so that you can cook them on an open fire -- except maybe those microwave quickies that we've all learned to love.

The main thing to remember is to check what you're cook often so it doesn't burn.

Unless of course you are cooking with a dutch oven, then you need to watch the time and keep the coals hot around the pot.

I know this is not as much detail as you might want so I encourage you to look on the internet for more information and try out your skills at camp cooking. You may discover that you enjoy the challenge.

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Bad Luck Detective said...

Never thought of needing a separate fire for cooking. Thanks :-)

booklover0226 said...

I am with you, BLD. I just assumed one used the same fire for cooking and heat.

The post was interesting; I enjoyed reading it.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Susan W. said...

When my sister in law and her family lived in the country we would get together for a cookout. We would have a cooking fire pit and a bonfire to hangout at by. Several times my father in law would add coals from the bonfire to the cooking fire. There were some of the best hamburgers made!

Tina Gayle said...

Thanks everyone for your post. I enjoyed cooking out back when my boys were in club scouts. I hope I never have to use those skill full time but I am glad I know how.