Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tina Tidings of Christmas Gift Ideas

Scanning the globe for just the right gift for your dog.

Might want to watch this video


Luckily my dog is much easier to please.
No so true of the rest of my family.
As for the men in your life.
Sports equipment or tools. Unlike women, men don't see tools as a extension of them having to do work around the house. 
Tickets to some type of event is also a way you can share in the fun and get a night out. (Just a thought.)
Teenagers are the next hardest to buy for.
Electronics has always been popular for my boys but they can be very picky... might try a gift card from best buy to make it easiler.
Games are also a fun treat for the family. Personal, remember not to pick ones you don't enjoy. You don't want to have to play monoply if you don't like the game.
Books - now with the ereaders people can read them anywhere. Also, if you're taking a long car trip audio books are wonderful. I have spent many hours listening to Harry Potter.
My oldest is a big Jim Butcher fan.
Hope this help and have a wonderful holiday season,


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