Friday, March 22, 2013

Excerpt for Mona Karel

My Killer My Love

Mona Karel

Black Opal Books

Paranormal Romance/326 Pages

When an immortal enforcer is sent to punish an innocent woman, she wakens the soul he'd forgotten he possessed.

Published May 22, 2011

When an immortal enforcer is sent to punish an innocent woman, she wakens the soul he'd forgotten he possessed.

Paranormal Romance
Ultimate Sacrifice
Eternal Struggle


She hurt and feared on so many different levels. Poor Mykhael, not able to deal with one part of his heritage,shunned by the other part. Poor Kendra, who’d kept herself uselessly locked away from the rest of the world. For what?

Two incomplete souls, lost in their own world, locked away from any other. There was some sort of a message here, maybe even a solution to many of their problems. She was too weary, or her mind was not yet ready to understand.

Straightening her legs, she stood, using the wall for a partial support. Mykhael watched, but didn’t step forward. This she had to do on her own, she realized. He’d made so many first moves. Now it would be her turn.

She hesitated, halfway across the room and asked the question plaguing her for so long.

“When you go back, will you be accepted as a worthwhile member of the exalted group, or will you continue as an outcast?”
He shrugged, and it seemed as though it truly did not matter. “I am not exactly certain. At one time, that was my greatest ambition. Now, I find my existence has taken a new direction.”

She stepped forward the rest of the way, stopping close enough to him to feel his heat.

“What direction? What are your goals now, Mykhael?”

Hesitantly, he lifted his hand and touched the side of her face with infinite gentleness. For a moment, it seemed as though he would speak, defining their relationship in concrete terms. Instead, after a moment, he dropped his hand to her shoulder, supporting her unobtrusively.

“I cannot speak most of them clearly as yet. You, Kendra? Do you know your ambitions?”

“They have also changed, long range at least. Although, if we don’t solve the Atrahasis’s problems, long-range is a deceptive term. Short range, I believe I’d like to take you up on your offer of a while ago.”

“To sleep in your bed together?” A new, soft smile softened the lines of his face. “You would not be treating me as a bimbo, would you?”

She considered it as she took his hand, leading him unresisting toward the cot. “Perhaps. But if we are both mindless bimbos, we will match perfectly, and nothing else will matter, will it?”

She was not allowed to walk the last few steps.

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