Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Forward into a Perfect Body

Every year, we all start with the same goal of getting into shape.

I manage like others to go on a diet. Hey, I might even lose a few pounds.

The treadmill gets a workout and then I lose momentum. Why?

I believe because I'm an impatience person. I want instant results.

Don't we all?

The problem, I have finally figured out is the goal itself.

Lose weight - is an easy measurable goal.

Problem is it can also be frustrating if you don't get those pounds to drop quickly.

So this year I changed my goal - get into shape.

Not so easily measured -- and so in a way easier to achieve -

- being able to walk upstairs without getting winded.
- take a walk with the dog and not be sore the next day.
- carry in the groceries and not have to take ten trips.

These sound silly but what I really wanted to achieve is doing everyday task without struggling.

Am I in the best shape ever?

 No, but I can keep working at it with out giving up.

Do I still worry if I miss a session on the treadmill?

Yes, but I give myself a break and try harder tomorrow without beating myself up for failing.

All of us have goals, we just need to keep working at them and forgive ourself if we don't reach them.

It's all about remembering to just keep trying.

Here's to us all having a slim summer body, and if not, that we just have a great summer.


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Charlotte Copper said...

My issues are lack of willpower and impatience. I don't really diet, I just try to cut back on the junk (I love Coke, chocolate and fast food). But if I cut-back for 2 or 3 days, and don't see it show on the scale, I get frustrated. Yes, I know it isn't supposed to work that quick, but knowing something and accepting something are two totally different things! I think I'll have a coke to celebrate that discovery!