Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Author Promotion - Sites to Check Out #MFRWauthor

In the constant search for Author Promotion, I have found a few author-friendly sites that help get the word out about my book.

When looking for a place to blog or do a guest stop, I look at Long and Short Review.

Here are the  Free Promotional Opportunities - Long and Short Review offers to Authors


Here's what they say on their site.

Guest Blogging

This is a FREE promotional opportunity!
We offer daily guest blog spots in all genres. The only requirement is that you blog about something besides straight book promo.

Author Interviews

This is a FREE promotional opportunity!
Are you a multi-published or a brand new fiction author? Do you have a book being released? Do you have news you would like to share? One way to do that is through an author interview! We will feature interviews on a nearly daily basis and all you need to do to have yours featured is to email us with your request and specify what genre you write in.
Also, I am a member of Manic Readers. It is free and you can post your books with them. They also have an automated way to submit your books for review. 

Here's what they say on their site. 
Free promotion via Author Pages
  • Simple Author Page creation... No HTML code required
  • Promote your books by adding your current and upcoming releases, bio, photos, book trailers, blurbs, excerpts, web links, and more
  • Request a book review
  • Professional services

    Also as I've stated many times take a look at Marketing for Romance Writers. They have a number of sites where romance authors can promote. They are also a great group to get more ideas on promotion.


    These are just a few places I've found to be helpful in my constant journey to promote my books. I hope they help you.

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    Anonymous said...

    Great looking site, Tina.

    Kim Headlee said...

    Thanks for the info, Tina! FYI, Long and Short Reviews is run by the same ladies who run Goddess Fish Tours, I discovered when I submitted one of my books for review. :)