Monday, February 16, 2015

#EggcerptExchange More Pennies Than Water by Steven Harz

In his third collection of fiction and poetry, award-winning writer Steven Harz once again connects readers to stories containing emotions with which we can all connect. In "More Pennies Than Water" he covers themes of loves lost and found as well as rebirth of life and coping with death. Appearing regularly in 'The Iron Writer Challenge," "Tipsy Lit" and "The Germ" Steven's works continue to force laughter and tears, often simultaneously. 

Praise for Steven’s work: 

“LOVE this. Started to read it, couldn't put it down....and have gone back to read it again. Completely captivated. Such powerful feelings behind this writing. I feel like I am looking not Steve's open heart and somehow invading his privacy. So much heart and soul....deep emotion. Reminders of memories lost.” 

"Thanks for bringing the memories roaring back Mr. Harz in the most 'Springsteenish' of ways" 



Aladdin’s lamp
Beneath where your hair
 falls when wet
and just above where my arms rest
during morning shower hugs
is a birthmark in the shape of a magic lamp
that at used to make you laugh but
has made me thankful each day
for our too-brief
one thousand and one nights
and beyond my arm is a fist
that had been used in anger in the
weeks and months after that day
but now stays peacefully clenched
looking like a tightened question mark
and because the impact that stole you
struck me with such physical force
and mental velocity that my fingers
went and have since stayed numb
so on cold days and there are many
I use the mittens that you carefully
crocheted pink while pregnant
as handcuffs rather than boxing gloves
I am now without our
tangled sheet mornings
and I must strain to see
your faint freckled smile
while each day changing diapers
or turning skate keys
my head echoes with
silent flashbacks  of a
drive-in first date
or truth-or-dare lies
and spin the bottles kisses
and each day alone in the shower
I burn my skin to collapse the years
so that I can once again hold you
close enough to rub the lamp
and make three wishes
for another tomorrow

Thanks Steve for sharing,


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