Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Need Reviews for Your Book?

Why not join a NetGalley CoOp?

For Bloggers & Reviewers
If you are a NetGalley reviewer, visit the ROMANCE BECKONS TITLE PAGE* and request books that interest you. NOTE: Books listed in the Romance Beckons CoOp are independently published.
*available February 1, 2014.

For Authors
The Romance Beckons CoOp is a group of independent authors teaming up to display our books on NetGalley at a reasonable cost. NetGalley is a website frequently used by publishers to distribute advanced review copies (ARCs) and previously published books to bloggers, reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, and educators. The pool of reviewers on NetGalley is VAST!

We are still accepting requests for membership from indie authors looking to increase the visibility of their titles with potential reviewers/ readers. Spots are limited. We promote only 20 books each month. If you’re interested in more information, please contact us at NetGalley@RomanceBeckons.net

COST:     $325 (1 year) | $165 (6 months)
Invoices are sent via Paypal and must be paid in full prior to listing your book(s).


What genres and heat levels are permitted?
We embrace all genres and heat levels of romance. We will gladly include New Adult, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy. Mainstream, sweet and erotic books are all welcome. The only requirement is that it have a strong romance component.

Who does the actual administrative tasks?
The CoOp authors all pitch in to make it a success! Paloma Beck serves as our NetGalley liaison and handles much of the technical administrative tasks.

How do my books get uploaded?
Once you've committed to the CoOp and paid your fee, instructions are provided for submitting your book(s).

Can I include books published through a publishing agency?
Yes, you can. But we must have written approval from your publisher to do so. The intention of the Romance Beckons CoOp is to assist Indie authors who don't have the help of a publishing house.

How are review requests handled?
Requests are handled by CoOp volunteers, on a case-by-case basis. Each reviewer is vetted using the following criteria: a high number of followers, genre match, quality reviews/feedback, active accounts on Goodreads or Amazon. Book bloggers that are active reviewers (i.e., have posted a review within the last week) are typically auto-approved. There are also reviewers that have been pre-approved for our group after requesting one or more titles previously. These are those frequent bloggers that we all know and love.

Can I decide who reviews my book(s)?
Yes. When authors submit their book, they also provide guidelines for handling review requests. These are considered along with the above criteria. We will accommodate different guidelines for your book, however, pre-approved reviewers are not flexible.

How do I receive my reviews?
Submitted reviews will be forwarded to the author weekly from NetGalley@RomanceBeckons.net

What if I join and it's not right for me?
Once you purchase time with the CoOp, we can't refund you should you decide you no longer want to take part. You are allowed to sell your slot to other authors. This option can also be used if you don't have need a for one of your months. Once your purchased time is up, you are not under any obligation to re-new.

I've joined this group and I'm very excite by the opportunity to get my book in front of reviewers. As a self-published author this gives me an in to the same reviewers as the big publisher houses.

Only two spots available so contact Paloma today,


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