Sunday, May 3, 2015

Love Out of Time by Joyce Zeller a #SpringFling Romance

Caleb is the ghost haunting Sara’s vacation house in a New Jersey shore town. She meets him in the flesh when she is sent back to 1865 and falls in love with him. When she returns to the present, she learns that the town residents are time travelers who are reincarnated every century with new identities.  Will she find Caleb here? Can love span a century of time? Soon the colony will shift to another parallel universe. What will happen to Caleb?

Joyce Zeller

Joyce Zeller

There are really two of me. The one is an author of the novels in the left column; the other is a political animal, an elected official on the city council of Eureka Springs, AR and interested in world happenings. I use this blog to express those ideas and concerns . . .everything from writing to anything that interests me.

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