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Mission Date Night - How to Use Romance Novels to Spark Romance @janelledalex

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I had the pleasure of being on Mission Date Night with Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are the co-founders of Mission Date Night and Sexy Challenges.

Our conversation revolted about How Romance Novels can be use to add Spark to your life.

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Also, here are a few tips.

1. Duplicate a romantic scene - characters enjoying a walk on the beach, do the same thing.

2. Study how characters treat each other - try to do the same. Remember to give your lover a kiss before he/she leaves every morning.

3. Enjoying how the characters are enjoying each other's touch -- think about how you enjoy being with your lover. Replay a love scene from your memory, how can you make it better.

4. Borrow romantic ideas - add rose to your bed, take a bubbly bath together, lit candles.

5. Read a romantic scene to your lover.

I enjoy my time on Mission Date Night and I hope you will check out Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex's book.

Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures:
How to Create Powerful Energy with Passion, Purpose and Love
SC Standing book reflection
“Sacred sexuality practice is an important part of my life and I really like the way Janelle and Rob write about it.” – Jillian S.
“Any couple that genuinely attempts a few of these challenges – as long as they can bring a healthy sense of humour and some open-mindedness to the table, which is vital for any successful partnership anyway – should find their relationship and sex life strengthened and have a lot of fun in the bargain (at the very least). If you have a sense that there’s more to sex than you were taught in sex ed; if you’d like to see if shagging can *really* blow your mind, or if you’re already interested in working with sexual energy and want some interesting variations and pointers, give this book a try.” – Robin Sweet writing for Cliterati
Get it on Amazon – Click Here.
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Author Information from their website.

Together they have authored over 125 books including the brand new Mission Date Night Adventures, Sexy Challenges series, the Intimate Adventures series, Collaborate with Your Soul, Inspiring Couples In Business + In Love, and more. Their programs and workshops include Intimate Wealth™, Inner Money Secrets, Sacred + Sexy Power Animals™, Shape of Your Relationship and Transcendent Lovemaking™.

Dr. Janelle uses a blend of movement, spiritual connection, conscious awareness, archetypes, power animals and business tools she has spent the past 25 years helping others connect to their creative energy – their life force energy.  She shows women and couples how to implement unique, yet practical, spiritual tools to make empowered decisions quicker and easier and how to direct their sexual energy (creative energy) so that they can deepen their relationships, generate more money and fulfill their life’s dreams.

Dr. Rob is known as the Guru of Getting It On or “Mr. Frisky” as Janelle calls him.  In 2009, he started writing Sexy Challenges, which are sacred and sensual scenarios for lovers.  After his spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences he brought more spiritual perspectives into his work.  He teaches men and couples how to use ancient wisdom to deepen their intimacy, create more sexual energy and direct that sexual energy to develop amazing relationships, manifest more income and live the life of their dreams.
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