Friday, April 15, 2016

Old Folk Song from My Past #folksongs

Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender

Growing up, I was graced with a family that carried down a love of music. My grandmother and her daughters would sing different songs to us whenever the family got together.

One of the ones that always seem to be sung was what we always referred to as Fair Ellender.

Talk about a heartbreak of a song, this sad ballad had love, betrayal and death.

All in a short story form, which was sung to all that was present.

My favorite line was - "And he threw against the wall."

In the version I found on YouTube - he kicks it against the wall.

I chose this one, because it was closest to the song I remember with all the graphic details. Remember I was a child when I listened to the singing of this song.

Take a listen to Lord Thomas and Fair Ellendar and step back in time to an age where men married for money and the lady on the side met death.

I have to say it was fun to hear this song. It reminded me of good times and my mother. Strange how your mind can go back in time.

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