Monday, May 2, 2016

Pregnancy Plan - "A Lady with a Plan" @AuthorTinaGayle #ASMSG #Romance

Pregnant shopkeeper Jillian Wilson prepares for single parenthood until high-risk security specialist Derrick Harris, the baby’s father, is caught in an explosion that changes everything.
Confused, Derrick returns to the States with amnesia. Jillian believes she has it all a husband, a baby, a perfect life, to bad that her dreams hang on Derrick’s faulty memory and a lie.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked, setting down their coffees on the counter. “You look flustered. What’s going on?”

Jillian twisted her hands in front of her, trying to hold herself together. “Jason called me this morning. Derek has been hurt.”

The explanation made her think of the pain he must be suffering. “A car exploded, and he was hit by flying debris. He has a concussion. He’s in a hospital in Germany.”

“Wait a second, how did Jason know to call you?” Karen Ann eyed her suspiciously.

“That’s the strange part. Derek is claiming we’re married.” Jillian studied her friend. Could she pull off another lie?

“Married? That’s not what you told me the other night. You said that he left before you got married.”

She couldn’t do it. “I know, but with the blow to the head, his memory is foggy. He can’t remember anything about his last assignment.”

Karen Ann grabbed Jillian’s arm. “What have you done?”

“I told Jason we were married,” she confided tearfully.


She wiped at her tears. “What other choice did I have? He remembers marrying me. He wanted to marry me, he would have married me. I’m the one that got cold feet. I can’t let him down.” She begged for understanding. “You can’t tell anyone the truth.”

Karen Ann picked up her coffee. Jillian waited, uncertain as to how her friend would handle this news. “You know you’re asking for trouble.” She sipped her coffee then set it back down. “But you’re my best friend, so, yes, I'll keep your secret.”

She sighed with relief and hugged her friend. “You’re the best.”

“I know.” Karen Ann grinned. “So when is your husband due back?”

Jillian drew in a deep breath. “Saturday. I called Michael this morning and told him about Derek. He’s coming down Friday so he can drive me to Dallas the next day. We’ll close the store early on Saturday.”

“Does Michael know about the baby?” Karen Ann leaned against the counter.

“No, I wanted to save some news for when Derek gets home.” Jillian shook her head. “Jason already wants his brother to stay in Dallas to keep us apart. But I know he'll never go for it.”

Karen Ann’s eyes widened. “Then you want him to come live here with you?”

“Yes. Where else would he live? After all, we’re married,” Jillian reminded her friend, and tried to drill it into her own head.

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