Saturday, May 14, 2016

Twitter, Tweets, RTs, Oh, My How to Build your Twitter Account by @authortinagayle

Okay, you have a twitter account and you want to promote your book.

But first you have to have some followers.

Should be easy right?

Just ask people and they follow you. No problem only not everyone will follow you.

The biggest offenders of this are well know authors, actors, famous people, etc.

Don't bother with these people unless you are a fan or at least not until you've gone over the 2000 follower limit that Twitter puts on all new members.

Questions to know the answer to -

1. Who should I follow?
  • Other author in the same genre as you're in.
  • Readers - search for words like readers, romance, mystery,
  • Look to see who your followers are following.

2. How do I know who is not following me?

I use both. Just unfollow - is great for adding a return message for people who follow you. In the message make sure to mention your website, blog or FB page.

Manage Flitter - is good because it allows you to unfollow more than 50 people at a time.

3. What should I twit about

  • Likes, dislikes, your book, your life, (personally I stay away from Politics but do what you feel works for you.)
  • Try for at least several tweets a day. (Marketers suggest one every hour)
4. How can I tweet so much?
  • Again use an add on app like Hootsuites...
  • It can be used for multiply social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Linkin, etc.
All of the add on apps mention are free. You can upgrade if you like but it is not necessary.

Now, the next thing to know is the about # hash tags.

A hash tag adds your twit to a listing that some people check daily, weekly, whenever.

5. Are hash tags useful?
  • They can be if not over used. Try to limit them to three or four.
  • I found them most useful for retweet the same message but in a different way.
    • Example - you want to say something like
      • Like my fb page and send me yours. #authors, #fbfriends
      • Twitter will only let you tweet the same message every 24 hours so to change it up adding different hash marks can let you twit the same base message multiply times.
6. Why would I want to Retweet anyone else?
  • Mainly, because if you want people to RT you. You have to Tweet them.
  • As a thank you for being your follower
  • to help a friend.
  • interest item your followers might enjoy
7. Can I RT others and still promote me?
  • Yes, a number of people RT people's information by placing the other's person information in their tweet box. This puts your picture on the Tweet but it has someone else's information.
  • To me this is a double edge sword. Yes - you are getting your picture out there, but you are promoting someone else.
The above items are just a few things you might need to know about twitter. Feel free to leave a comment or ask any other question you might have about twitter. Can't say I have the answer, but I can try to direct you in the right direction.
Have a great week,

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