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The Lady is a Mayor


First female to hold an office. A business tycoon (with good hair). It’s political intrigue with a comedic twist in my novella The Lady Is a Mayor. A young woman unexpectedly becomes the acting mayor of a small, quirky Florida town when the elected mayor disappears after emptying the town’s bank account. When a handsome northerner arrives with plans to build a hotel, the town’s business owners are for the idea, but the nature lovers are opposed.  My Lady Mayor has to find a way to bring both sides together, save the town, and follow her heart.


“I’d like to thank the Nobel Committee for this award.”

Geneva Price’s acceptance speech for the Peace Prize was interrupted by the shrill of the telephone. Her dreams of Scandinavians bearing gifts were shattered.

With one hand, she reached for the switch on the lamp at her bedside. With the other, she gathered a tangle of brunette curls away from her face. Squinting, she located the face of her alarm clock. Two seventeen.

“Hello,” she croaked into the receiver.

“Sorry to wake you, Geneva, but we…no, make that you’ve got a problem.”

The voice on the other end belonged to Sheriff Clyde Biggs.

Geneva sat up abruptly, her heartbeat going into overdrive.

“What is it, Clyde? Did something happen to Mom and Dad?”

“Shoot, no. Nothing like that. Didn’t mean to get you all riled up.”

Geneva’s heartbeat slowed but not by much.

“It’s Mayor Cramer,” Clyde explained. “He’s gone.”

“Gone? Good heavens, did he have a heart attack?”

“Not gone, dead. Gone, missing. Mary Sue Jeffers saw him loading up his car and called me. You know what a snoop she is.”

Geneva knew.

”I didn’t think nothing of it. Not until I saw him hightailing it onto the interstate just now with no headlights on.”

“Maybe he just forgot to turn them on.”

“That’s what I thought at first. I followed him and tried to signal him. He caught sight of me behind him and took off like a bat out of H, E, double toothpicks.”

“There’s got to be a perfectly logical explanation.”

“If there’s an explanation, it’s a doozy. I rode by his house, and the back door was open. That’s how anxious he was to make tracks. I locked up to keep Mary Sue out.”

A sharp pain shot through Geneva’s right eye.

“It’ll be all over town before noon tomorrow.”

“You know it. As president of the town council, I’m afraid it’s up to you to figure it out.”

Geneva sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

“Right. I guess I’ll start calling the others as soon as I get a cup of coffee in me. Thanks for the heads up, Clyde.”

“You bet. If I find out anything else, I’ll let you know.”

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I am a native of Pittsburgh now living in a town in Florida not unlike the one I write about. A couple years as the editor of the local newspaper gave me plenty of material to work with. My favorite pastime is singing with a symphonic choral group. I also enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway.

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A Romantic Place to Visit:

When I’m not writing, I’m often singing. My chorus went on tour in Europe some years back, and my husband went along as a “groupie.” We were able to spend one night in Paris. For romance, you really cannot beat taking a stroll to view the lighted Eiffel Tower at night. We followed up with a nightcap at a sidewalk café. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Paris sounds like a dream.
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